The Unseen Nightmare


Jordan Foster

Leigh Whanell’s sci-fi horror movie titled “The Invisible Man” has the mysteriousness that one craves for and the suspense that another dies for. 

This film revolves around Cecilia Kass who escapes her abusive husband’s mansion to try and live a better life. The husband, Adrian Griffin, supposedly kills himself at the beginning of the film, leaving all of his money to Cecilia but then the question arises, is he really dead or playing mind games? Throughout this film, there are many questions that arise in your head that take a while to be answered. The start of this movie gives the audience a brief overview of who the main character is and explains how “The Invisible Man” came to be, which unfortunately contributed to the downside of this film. 

One of the negatives about this film was its length. This movie was a little over two hours, which didn’t seem completely necessary due to the fact that there were a couple of “dead” parts of the film that weren’t relevant to the main story. This resulted in unnecessary wait times in order to find out why the “Invisible Man” is coming after Cecilia Kass.

Aside from the lack of consistency throughout the film, the music choice throughout the events set the tone for whatever was happening at that given time. Whanell also knew when to have no music at all, making scenes completely silent in the film which is typical in most horror movies but is what also makes them great.

Another positive about this movie is the fact that it doesn’t necessarily go with what the audience wants. It was difficult to predict what was going to happen next, which shows it isn’t a predictable plot. There are also surprising deaths that the viewers wish they never saw happen within the film, one occurring towards the middle of the film that could strike the audience with a surprise.  

Although this movie is a combination of sci-fi and horror, there is surprisingly more horror than the average viewer would think. There are multiple jump scares that the viewer can’t see coming from a mile away. The staggering number of jump scares is unexpected but it adds an interesting twist that is enjoyable to watch. 

The eerie suspense that chained the events together in this movie created a fascinating film that horror fans should watch as they continue their days in quarantine.