The End Of A Well Trained Season


Jordan Foster

Due to coronavirus complications arising, spring sports at Da Vinci took an unfortunate downturn that resulted in all sports canceled.

Athletes were devastated to find out that they weren’t going to be able to play spring sports at DVC. The spring sports that were canceled were baseball, softball, boys volleyball, swimming, and track & field. Although these sports were canceled at DVC, this is an issue that required schools across the country to cancel their spring sports due to the 6 ft social distance policy. 

This was news that multiple senior athletes took to heart due to this season being the last high school athletic season of their life. Even though it was bad news for all four grade levels, seniors were planning on ending their high school careers with a lasting impression. 

“It took a little while to process that my senior year had been cut short due to COVID-19. That on top of the cancellation of my senior year entirely took a toll on me mentally,” said senior varsity volleyball player Ethan Barragán. “I was really looking forward to playing out my final season of volleyball.” 

Although COVID-19 canceled spring sports, DVC athletes have found different ways to stay in shape and connect to their sports by working out at home and around them. This demonstrates their dedication to the sport they love and shows how much hard work they have put in to ensure that this virus doesn’t stop them from exercising. 

“I workout every Wednesday evening and run for an hour every Saturday morning,” said junior varsity track & field runner Ajana Williams. “My coach posts workouts that we can do that mainly target our legs and core. During cool down (break time) I’ll sit in a stretch and do my homework to prevent any cramp-ups.”

Working out is always important for not only athletes but everyone else, despite whether or not they play sports. Athletes benefit from these at-home workouts as they are able to get ahead of the game and get in shape for the next season. DVathletes found different ways to work out that didn’t involve other people’s help, which fit perfectly in the quarantine situation. 

“I mostly did solo workouts, which involved less time with volleyball and more weight training and cardio exercise,” said Barragán. “I’m lucky to be in quarantine with my brother who’s the captain of the JV volleyball team so I did practice with him occasionally.”

Although this virus ended the season of spring sports, this also had an effect on sports during other seasons such as basketball, which was supposed to start summer training soon. These athletes also needed ways to adjust to this new schedule by finding time to complete workouts in order to stay in shape. 

“Fortunately, I have a court in my backyard so I’m able to work on my individual skills every day,” said varsity sophomore Jayce Johnson. “With access to a court, it helps me stay consistent with my workout routine and provides myself with the right resources to work on my weaknesses and strengths. Even though travel ball is canceled, I’m still working hard.”

This virus has made it a long and stressful time not only for athletes but for everyone across the nation. This hasn’t stopped these hard-working athletes, though, especially the ones at DVC. They have shown their dedication to the sport they play by finding alternatives to their usual workouts. COVID-19 can’t stop these athletes and they’re ready to show it without hesitation.