Is Old Drizzy Back?

On March 30, Candian rapper, Drake revealed on Instagram not only that he is in the works of creating an album that he is planning to drop this summer, but also the release of his momentous mixtape titled “Dark Lane Demo Tapes”. 

The mixtape, “Dark Lane Demo Tapes”, comprises 14 songs, “some leaks and some joints from SoundCloud and some new vibes,” the artist said on the Instagram post. This album also features collaborations with artists such as Chris Brown (“Not You Too”), Giveon (“Chicago Freestyle”), Future (“Desires”) and Playboy Carti (“Pain 1993”). 


Drake released “Desires” featuring Future in January 2020 and later released the Tik Tok hit “Tootsie Slide” on April 3. Four weeks prior to the release of “Tootsie Slide”, he also released “Chicago Freestyle” featuring Giveon and “When to Say When”. 

“Deep Pockets” was the first song on the album and was surprisingly different from what listeners have gotten used to in past years. Like his previous work, the song started off with a simplistic beat with overlying vocals. Unlike his previous work, he returned to his original flow and began to rap, instead of his usual singing. 


The majority of the songs on the album told a cumulative story about his life despite being slow songs. In his lyrics you could feel the emotions, unlike his recent projects which were more uplifting songs you could dance too. For example, in “War”, he talked about his life and relationships with friends before fame. In “War” he adds, “Back when Ricky was doin’ up Teesdale, I was doin’ dinner with Teezy, I didn’t trust no one, swore gyal lined me ’cause gyal too greazy, Niko never move neeky, sweatsuit Nike, sweatsuit DG,”.

The artist rapped about more personal, sensitive topics of his life such as his relationship with his parents. He reminisces about living with his mother in “Deep Pockets” and yet again in “When to Say When” when he adds “…no one loves you like your mother can”.  In “Losses” he mentions his father, Dennis Graham, who he did not have the best relationship with after his parents separated when he was four-years-old. He adds, “Being here wasn’t in the plans, I do it for the Grahams, not the ‘gram”.


This mixtape came to most people as a surprise because Drake actually went back to the basics and rapped on this mixtape. For the past five years, we have become accustomed to Drake singing and making songs for teenage girls and moms going through a midlife crisis, but this tape proved to us that Drake is not yet done with rapping. Based on the quality of this mixtape, we are looking forward to Drake releasing his sixth studio album this summer, which according to CNN will be the first studio album since “Scorpion” released in 2018.