We’re In This Together: The Journey Down the Winding Path of Online Learning

Chelsea McKinnon

On March 13, Da Vinci Schools administration announced that starting March 16, all Da Vinci  Schools would make the switch from in-class learning to online instruction for at least one week. Since the initial announcement was posted, Da Vinci Schools has since been instructed to shut down its campus and continue online learning throughout the rest of the school year. 

Da Vinci Schools have supported their students and families during this understandably difficult time. Da Vinci Schools has provided students and their families with resources such as the continuation of school-provided lunches at Dana Middle School,

free internet access provided by Charter Communications, and access to school-issued Chromebooks that students are able to bring home to complete online work. 

All students and families have had to adjust and adapt to the sudden change of learning. This experience has said to be exciting, difficult, interesting, but most of all a learning experience for many. 

Sophomore Omar Gomez, described his overall experience with the switch to online learning so far as pointless and at first a difficult experience for both students and teachers due to the urgency of the situation.

“Online schooling has been all busy work and has not been helping me at all,” said Gomez. “I believe that there should always be mandatory Zoom meetings like regular class so it’s not too different, I think it would be more organized and motivating.”

Many teachers and staff at all three Da Vinci High Schools have done everything they can to support and assist their students during this time. Freshman, Ezra Springer had missed the last day of on-campus learning where many teachers spent time going over their overall plan and how they were going to continue teaching online.

“Sarah has supported me by Zoom calling me and helping me with math homework, but as far as my other teachers, I haven’t really reached out to them for help,” said Springer. “I’m usually up and working on assignment by 9:30 but usually don’t complete all my assignments for the day until 3:00.”

Through this time, many students have faced challenges of their own. Alyssa Hubler, Da Vinci Science junior, said that this period of online learning has allowed her to focus on de-stressing and focusing on self-care, but is still facing some challenges of her own.

“One challenge for me is having the motivation to get my work done,” said Hubler. “Being at home makes me lazy at times and it’s not fun not having [the] school environment and communication with teachers and friends like before. It is just not the same.”

Although many teachers and students are making adjustments to their routines as they go, Da Vinci Design senior, Danielle Jauregui had to change her entire routine as soon as the switch to online schooling went into effect.  

“It has been a whirlwind because I’m not only dealing with school, but this virus has affected my entire family dynamic as well,” said Jauregui. “With my dad not working as much and my mom taking on more shifts, the time I have for schoolwork, in general, has been very limited.”

Although every student at all three Da Vinci High Schools is facing this challenge of switching to online learning, every student is having their own experiences. But what could we expect, it’s written in our story.

 “We do things differently.”