On My Block Season 3 Review

Scarlet Ruiz

Get ready to get spooked on 16th street by Lil Ricky and his cuchillos. The Netflix original show ‘On My Block’ returns with a third season, but will it live up to the hype and appraisal it has previously gotten? 

At this point, there is only so much that Monse, Cesar, Ruby, Jamal, and Jasmin can get into. The premise of this season is that the group of friends (besides Jasmin) get assigned to find Lil Ricky, a former Santos gang member, by the leader of the Santos, Cuchillos. Just like in season one’s bad Spanish, this name given to the Cuchillos is at times painstakingly cringe.

The show does have some intriguing and complex secondary storylines and even though it is still only in its third season, it seems to already drag on a dying storyline.

Unlike in the second season, which focused more on mental health and the mourning of Olivia, this season’s main focus is on Cesar and Spooky’s estranged father, Jasmin and Ruby’s relationship, and of course finding Lil Ricky.

The storyline of Cesar, Spooky, and their father reuniting is something to applaud Netflix and the writers for doing. It’s a very relatable and real situation that plenty of teens go through. It also gave more complexity, personality, and emotion for Spooky, who had only previously been seen as a hard gang member.

The awareness that the show brings to the issue of gang violence and the initiation of young kids into violent gangs is a very important and well-done statement that Netflix did right with this show. It shows all types of ways gangs can affect someone’s life. With the 16th street leader not even being 16 years old yet and already doing things that most people would never imagine to Spooky being able to leave behind a life of violence to Cesar going down the wrong road and becoming the person he himself had never wanted to become.

Although the show has become somewhat predictable, there are still some unexpected plot twists. Some of the events and secondary storylines seem somewhat irrelevant. Although some of the storylines provide comedic relief at the end of the day, it is all useless sidetracked scenes that don’t benefit the main storyline.

Overall the show is a mediocre teen coming of age storyline. Although, this ‘cholo gangsters in the hood’ genre is more realistic and true to the culture of Cholos and Lowriders. Netflix is always coming out with new shows, and with ‘On My Block’ it did well for the most part.