Social Media’s Impact on Coronavirus Perception

Reese Gonzalez

The Coronavirus has become a huge conversation for the past couple of months, with each week passing it has become an extremely hot topic.

The news and media have been keeping the rest of the world updated about this global pandemic, not just America. But there is always a different side to social media, especially towards this deadly virus.

The positive effect of social media covering such a huge topic is that there has been a variety of guidance on how to be safe and what exactly has been going on.

The CDC released a post acknowledging the issue and linked a video of what to do at home while you self-quarantine. 

A mother of three, Monica Hernandez, was asked about how she felt towards the Coronavirus epidemic, and she said, “I feel worried for my family and myself.”


With worry in many people’s eyes, the media is a place where viewers go for information. With the media, there is plenty to see.

In the social media world, there have been plenty of memes and posts being made about the pandemic. There are a few that give tips on how to be safe and others that are joking about the situation.

The memes are either seen as funny or just crude.

“I’ve seen many memes about the virus, so many that I am getting tired of it,” said SMC student Elizabeth Gonzalez.“My whole Instagram feed is full of them, so I started to un-follow a lot of accounts because it was getting annoying.”

Unfortunately, these “joking” posts make the virus appear less serious than it actually is to certain social media users.

Adding onto this “meme” association to this global pandemic, a current senior at Da Vinci Design, Danielle Jauregui, felt a certain way. “[There are] a lot of memes, like I said, very dramatized and it’s become a living punchline.”

With the virus growing each week with new cases, the world needs to take more precautions. There should be more precautions and more helpful information on social media to help those who don’t know what to do.

Even though everyone wants to make the situation a little warmer and brighter, making jokes and memes about an issue that is killing thousands of citizens isn’t as funny as they may think it is.