A World Without Sports: The Scary New Reality that Has Dads Shaking

Scott Felt and Casey Hartley

With the COVID-19 Pandemic sweeping across the world, many are quarantined and stuck inside their homes for weeks.  Such a time would call for some sports, watching your daily view of teams in the NHL and NBA playoffs, the MLB season getting started, however, the pandemic will not give sports fans the opportunity to watch as nearly every league has postponed or canceled play in sensible fear of spreading the coronavirus.

March 11th yielded an indefinite suspension of play for the NBA when a player on the Utah Jazz tested positive, which led to more players throughout the team and the rest of the league being tested.  League owners wanted commissioner Adam SIlver to reevaluate the situation after 30 days.  Multiple leagues followed behind, with the NHL announcing on March 12th that it is pausing the 2019-20 season, effective immediately.  

The XFL has suspended play as of March 12th.  The PGA Tour canceled the Players Championship after the first round on March 13th. The 2020 Masters has also been postponed.  The NCAA canceled the 2020 Division I men’s and women’s basketball tournaments, along with all other winter season championship events.  Champions League, Premier League, and Europa League all suspended games.

Not every league has given up just yet, with some merely postponing their events.  The Kentucky Derby, for instance, will be postponed until September. MLB canceled the remainder of spring training and is pushing back the start of the regular season at least two weeks, but there are suspicions that the period will be longer.  MLS announced it is suspending play for 30 days.

The NFL has announced that their annual draft will take place as scheduled April 23-25, but the event will no longer be public.  It will be televised.

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be postponed at least one year.

So if you are a sports fan without anything to watch, PBA Bowling is still around, as well as your chess matches.  Let’s be honest, though, those will probably get canceled too.  

Time to play ping pong in the garage with your buddies. That table is longer than six feet.