Gliding their Way to College: Seniors Earn Support from their Peers

Jocelyn Hernandez

On Friday, February 28th, students across all grade levels came together to participate in a fundraising event that the Toyota Sports Center and  Eat Fantastic hosted, where 20% of the profits from Eat Fantastic went towards senior events, while half of the profits from Toyota Sports Center helped out senior activities. 

Each year the seniors need support when it comes to their senior activities since money starts adding up and can limit the events they are eligible to participate in,  such as Grad night, prom, and senior breakfast. 

The Senior Committee said that these fundraising events really impact their class and make a difference when it comes to planning their last moments of excitement in high school. 

Kassidy Sandoval is one of the Senior Committee leaders who help organize and plan any senior-related events that eventually bring the “fun,” to the end of an era of high school life. 

These fundraising events are really beneficial because it helps the school and the senior class. Along with building a culture here at DVC, one of the biggest things that Senior Committee and Leadership does is try to organize events that will bring everyone in the school together,” said Sandoval.

Junior Logan Evans, a leadership representative, was the one who helped book this fundraising event at the Toyota Sports Center. “I want to do as many fun and cool events for the rest of the school year and the next upcoming school year. The more often we are able to do fundraisers the more we can spend on other school events whether that’s towards the seniors or just the whole school in general,” said Evans. 

 Some juniors who attended said that they will eventually need support from the whole school to help them accomplish senior activities.

“It helps raise money for the Senior Committee so the seniors can have a good “sendoff” from high school, ” said Uribe.

Senior Ethan Barragán, a current senior who is close to graduating, mentions that senior activities can be “expensive,” and limited to the stuff they can do as a whole graduating class. 

“Fundraising events are important because they not only provide revenue for the school/cause but also promote school culture among the different grade levels,” said Barragán.

As the school year eventually comes to an end, everyone is getting closer to becoming a senior and will need the same amount of support that the previous senior classes have needed.