You’re Left-handed?!?

Morgan Daniels, Social Media

Writing, drawing, picking up items and giving high fives, things that are done without too much thought. However, there is a group that sometimes has to put a little more thought into those activities than the majority… left-handed people.

With only ten percent of the world being left-handed, everyday objects like scissors, zippers, refrigerators and credit card swipers become annoying to use. 

Besides the use of everyday objects being affected by handedness, being left-handed in school can be quite the struggle. 

“When I’m sitting next to somebody our arms always get in each other way because I’m trying to write left-handed and they are writing right-handed,” said junior Christopher Godoy. 

While there are disadvantages to being left-handed, some students have found ways that it could be beneficial. 

Faye Cooper, a freshman who is ambidextrous, found that using her left hand comes in handy for sports. 

“Well, it’s a funny story actually because in my first season of softball ever, I didn’t have a clue of what I was doing so I spent the whole season being left-handed and then I got used to it,” said Cooper.  “But I throw with my left and hit with my right so the coaches get confused.”.

According to The Insider, “In 2017, Biology Letters published a study showing that left-handed men and women are overrepresented in elite sports, including baseball, table tennis, cricket, and other interactive games where players have to react quickly.”

“I actually feel like I have an advantage…kids aren’t used to your left hand being that strong…” said Godoy.

There are many myths surrounding the topic of left-handedness but rarely do they prove to be true. One of those myths being that “left-handed people are more creative.”  

According to Ronald Yeo, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Texas-Austin, “When you look at actual creative achievements in one’s lifetime, the evidence is not strong for association with left-handedness,” Yeo told Health.

“I think that you can’t say that someone is “more creative” just off of the hand they write with. You have to know their personality. I am a very creative person and creativity doesn’t always use writing so you just have to know more about someone before making that assumption,” said Cooper.

Being left-handed, some will say, is a blessing as well as a curse but can be overall helpful for certain activities. Since there are many myths surrounding being left-handed, people have to discern for themselves whether it’s true or not by looking at the facts.