Mental Health and Wellness

Reese Gonzalez

Depression in teens has gone up by 48% from 2004 to 2018. 

DVC has been working on finding ways to ease stress,  find relaxation and help students with depression. 

According to Mayoclinic, most teens have anxiety, depression, or high-stress levels due to academics, work, social issues, and abuse. With DVC’s new  ‘Mindful Advisories’ Da Vinci is hoping to help fellow students find a way to cope, now or in the future

Students were asked what they thought about taking a full month of advisory lessons to focus on mental health. 

“I like the mindful advisories because it gives me a place to relax and unpack any stress that I’ve been holding on to,” said junior Logan Evans.  

According to Healthline, Meditation has many benefits such as reducing stress, controlling anxiety, promoting emotional health, improving sleep, and enhancing self-awareness.

“I feel like mindfulness is very beneficial,” said freshman Hilda Donis. “There can be some distractions in my advisory, but I think that mindfulness is overall very helpful so that you can have a moment to relax.” 

 Each year of high school is different from the next, and in order to get a  full picture of what students think, four students from all four grade levels were asked similar questions. 

When asked about learning new coping strategies,3/4 of high school students said they would be open about trying them out to help them feel at ease.

The major goal of ‘Mindful Advisories’ is to bring a safe space for high schoolers and to help them out.

“Schools could have a month focused on mental awareness. Some students do suffer from it and we should all be in the know.” said senior Christian Alfaro. 

High school is a rough time for most students especially when they have a vast amount of work built on top of busy schedules. Not knowing how to cope or manage time can become stressful. Having time in school to find relaxation is important for anyone going through a tough time.