Why Cupid Needs To Be More Considerate

Jocelyn Hernandez

Valentine’s Day has been know to be a great day to celebrate love with others whether it be at school or outside of school, despite others viewing Valentine’s Day as an anti-consumerism associated holiday. 

With the majority of lovers celebrating on the 14th of February, some people use this day to give cards, letters, flower arrangements, gifts, and go on dates with their loved ones or just go out with some close friends. 

“The thing I like most about Valentine’s Day is just being able to show my love to my friends and family. I feel like I do that every day but Valentine’s Day is just a fun day to give people gifts and just enjoy each other’s presence,” said junior Logan Evans.

When teens think about Valentine’s Day, they can think about hearts, flowers, teddy bears, shattered hearts, dead roses, etc. The overall symbolism of Valentines can vary since anyone can view this holiday in a different matter. 

“When I think about Valentine’s Day, the first thing that comes to my mind are the colors red and pink, a heart-shaped box with chocolates inside, love, and teddy bears,” said freshman Dylan Sterling. 

 It is also common for people to embrace an  Anti-Valentine’s Day perspective. They tend to use this holiday for a “Single Awareness Day,”  for those single people who aren’t currently involved in a romantic relationship.

“I don’t know- I just have mixed emotions for this holiday since I don’t really do anything, since I just go home and eat all the candy that I’ve gotten earlier,” said Sterling.  “It’s like I don’t hate this holiday, it’s just not really a big celebration for me.”

 “Overall, I’m more on the anti-valentine day side because I just don’t get the gist of this holiday,” said junior Jonas Martinez from North Torrance highschool, an Anti-Valentine’s Day supporter.“It’s just overall really confusing to me since you only pick this certain day out of the year to show your love to someone when you should be doing that every day.”  

The traditional colors to dress in are red, pink, and white for the holiday and there is another choice of dress which is to wear black to show a lack of support for this day. 

Junior Brandon Moreno reveals his emotions on what’s most interesting about this holiday. 

“I don’t tend to dress up for this holiday but overall it’s interesting to see how creative couples can get when it comes to giving each other gifts.” 

 Evans describes the way she dresses for this particular holiday.

 “When it’s Valentine’s Day sometimes I’ll wear red and pink,” said Evans. “This year I’m doing all black for the spirit day at school. Pink and red are core colors of the holiday so I tend to try to wear those colors to be festive. By me wearing black is just a funny anti-Valentine’s Day thing it doesn’t mean I don’t dislike Valentine’s Day since as long as I can show love it doesn’t matter what I wear.”

With this holiday being such a big deal for some, people can try and find the fun out of it even if they’re a non-supporter for this holiday.  With the “Anti-Valentine’s day” parties and gift exchanges, friends come together and celebrate this “loving” holiday.”