The Man With a Plan

Kaiya Alsobrook and Jordan Foster

The United Afro Student Organization brings comfort to black communities and it has seeped its way into DVC culture.

The leader/creator of this organization, sophomore Jaylon Jones, has proven to be a great leader in his field of work and has gone to the extent of creating a club that focuses on the afro-black community which is open to the school, no matter the race.

“We are such a united club,” said sophomore Jaylin Henderson who is head of Marketing and Ideas for the UASO. “We are always coming up with new ideas and different ways to incorporate our lessons into daily life.”

UASO’s main goal is to uplift, educate, and empower the Afro community. This organization is a parent company that serves clubs and other businesses. This is hoped to have an impact not only local but global as well.

“I decided to make the organization because I wanted to put more clubs inside the organization and make it like a business mogul,” said Jones.

Aside from this organization, Jones is also the leader and creator of the AUAE Club (Afro Unity and Afrocentric Education). In this club, the members discuss a variety of controversies, history, and positive events happening in the black community. Although Jones is pro-black and values the African American community, this club along with UASO is open to everyone in the school no matter what race they are.

“One of my favorite lessons to ever do was how black people came to America. From there, I went on to cover the use of the n-word,” said Jones. “That one was the most exciting one because some people don’t know where the n-word originated from.”

A project that Jones is pursuing is titled; “Black Wall Street” which is a project where the UASO invests money into black-owned businesses to build them up. This was inspired by a related project in one of Jones’s favorite places, Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is to help the unknown businesses run and become mainstream.

“It’s just money, that’s the issue. They don’t have a good marketing team or they don’t have enough money to market,” said Jones. “So we would have donors give us money, then we would give them the money and hopefully they can make that money back times two so we could both benefit.”

Jones also uses his organization to help people in the Los Angeles community. On November 24th, he partnered with Church of Living God in Inglewood to give 35backpacks filled with toothbrushes, crackers, water, socks, etc to the homeless.

“I try to hold different charity events with different churches in the Los Angeles community,” mentioned Jones. “I do this to show the community that I’m here, my organization is here and we care.”

Currently, 22 million children in the United States rely on free and reduced meals at school. However, children do not have access to those meals on the weekends. The UASO has pledged to give 65 backpacks to children in need.

“Our next charity event will be called “A Better Tomorrow”. We plan on giving the children enough food to last about two to three weekends,” said Jones.

Jone’s leadership role has played a part in making sure the organization runs smoothly. The continuing success of the UASO lies in his hands and he has the support he needs from not only his team but the members of his club as well.

If you want to find out more about the UASO organization or help out with future charity events, visit the official website at The UASO. Jaylon is also the leader of the AUAE club. Anyone interested in joining can contact him via email at @[email protected] or in-person.