The Long Netflix Search Has Come To An End


Xochitl Marin

A night to lay back and relax calls for a nice, fluffy blanket, a variety of selected munchies, and the perfect show to binge. For many of us, the last missing puzzle piece to fulfill the plan is searching for the show. Struggle no more as I introduce 3 binge-worthy shows, ending that endless search cycle.

The first show on the list, The Last Kingdom, travels back in time all the way to 9th century A.D. when the England we now know today was split into four kingdoms and Vikings from Scandinavia were beginning to invade the kingdoms in hopes to gain control of them.

This plays a very important role in the main character’s, Uhtred of Bebbanburg/ Uhtred Ragnarson, journey to reclaim his birthright. According to BBC America, one of the many obstacles Uhtred faces throughout the show is the struggle of having to choose between the Vikings who raised him or the land of his bloodline that he’s been disconnected from half his life. 

Uhtred’s struggle of neither identifying as a Viking or Saxon is an example of one of the key themes displayed in The Last Kingdom: the search of identity, trying to make sense of who you truly are. An idea that is ever-present in fictional characters and high schoolers alike. 

Three seasons deep into the plot, many fans including myself, anxiously await the announcement for season four to continue the journey Uhtred has taken us on.

Taking into account that medieval related shows may not be everyone’s cup of tea, a good show based on true events like Narcos: Mexico may be right up your ally.

Fast-forwarding to 1980s Mexico, when the dawn of a new era in drug trafficking was created and flourished due to the ambitions of Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardos

Narcos: Mexico reveals the story of how organized crime came to be in Mexico, the power of the Guadalajara Cartel gained during that time, and all the conflicts and triumphs this time period brought. 

The story entailed is filled with money and power-hungry narcos, drugs, murder, and betrayal. Along with actors portraying important people, narrations courtesy of Scoot McNairy, real pictures and videos play a role in painting an exceptional picture of what it was like in Mexico in the 80s for the watcher. Another notable aspect of the show is the bilingual script, adding an extra touch to the story being told in Narcos: Mexico.

With season two released on February 13th, I am eager to see what it has in store for Miguel Ángel and many of the important characters of the show including his friends and enemies.

Let’s say that you don’t particularly enjoy shows that deal with real events but love watching action-packed crime shows, Money Heist, originally La Casa de Papel, could be the show for you.

Jumping back into the 21st century, Money Heist is a Spanish show that deals with a character introduced to viewers as El Profesor’s master plot to rob the Royal Mint of Spain with the help of eight thieves all with the alias’ of cities of countries around the world. 

Robbing an establishment like The Royal Mint of Spain comes with many hardships for both sides that play an important role in the show’s plot: El Profesor and his crew and the police and government in Spain on the other end creating all the drama Money Heist strives on.

Narrated by one of the robbers viewers will come to know as Tokyo, the show switches from scenes dealing with robbery to scenes that show the training they went through to prepare for the robbery which helps establish the bond El Profesor’s crew creates and moves along the character development.

Despite being about an elaborate, nearly impossible robbery, the show does a fabulous job of being equally emotional, not only capturing the viewers with its crazy, climactic action scenes but also with its moments of smiles, laughter, and tearjerkers.

With April 3rd, slowly but surely approaching, I am anxious for the new season and how it will unfold.

Now having three shows that have been broken down without giving any spoilers, hopefully, more time goes into watching a show rather than looking for one the next time you decide to log into your Netflix account.