Girls Basketball Senior Night 2020


Kailey Torres and Scott Felt

On Thursday, February 6th, Da Vinci staff and students came together to celebrate Kyla Prince and Ayah Shuaib’s last home game of the year. 

 The girls’ varsity basketball team secured the win when playing their last home game against Fremont High School. Throughout the game, the girls were relentless. This tenacity was seen through the constant lead that they held onto and how they didn’t give up after one bad play. 

Ayah Shuaib (12) intensely watching her teammates demolish Fremont High School. (Photo: Kailey Torres)

“Just the sisterhood is way different than middle school. You know, it’s more professional, and it’s more of a connection through basketball,” said Kori Higgins, a freshman on the team.

These girls have created a  bond with one another both on and off the court. Even during the season, the seniors of the team have been able to have a positive influence on the team by giving tough love.


“Ayah, one of the seniors, she’s really, I guess, rough like it’s a good thing because you need to get in the game and not be so scared of someone coming up at you,” said Alyssa Hubler, a junior on the team. 

Seniors have also supported their teammates. 

“Then [Kyla Prince] she just encourages everyone and [says] ‘you can do this, you got this’. You know, like ‘even though you just started you can get to our level.’ So it’s nice to know that I have some seniors that I can look up to.” Hubler stated. 

The seniors reassured their team members that they would always be able to support them whether it be in basketball or in life. 

“Just [to] be myself because at the end of the day everybody and the two seniors that are on the team, they’re themselves… they are who they are and they’re unapologetic about it,” Higgins stated. 

Kyla Prince (32) getting ready to perform a free throw. (Photo: Kailey Torres)

Not only has there been an impact made on the younger team members but l on the seniors leavi as well. It goes to show that the energy around the girls is extremely positive. This energy creates an atmosphere that allows everyone to thrive. 

“Ever since I’ve been to Da Vinci, [it] has been really good because I’ve been able to have a sisterhood with my girls and, yeah, they’re like [an] extended family to me,” stated Kyla Prince, one of the seniors on the team.


There is no doubt that senior night caused tears to shed and people giving hugs all around. Some of the team members have only played with the seniors for a year or two, but in that time they’ve left an impact behind them.