Super Bowl 54 Recap

Scott Felt and Kailey Torres

Super Bowl 54 is one for the history books which pitted the San Francisco 49ers against the Kansas City Chiefs. 

This was the year the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl for the first time ever. Andy Reid, head coach, was known to have the most wins in NFL history without a Super Bowl ring. . This win also allowed Patrick Mahomes to become the first player in NFL history to win the Super Bowl and the MVP award in his first 3 seasons. 

In the first quarter, both teams were able to move the ball skillfully despite the fact that neither team could score more than seven points. During the first drive of the game, it was clear that the Chiefs’ Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, was nervous when he had two incompletions on two very easy, routine passes. The first drive for the 49ers went the opposite direction, and they were able to move the ball while running on half of the plays during their first drive. It didn’t end the way they hoped, but they walked away with a field goal with the Chiefs putting up an impressive stand in the red zone. However, Mahomes shook off all nerves and scored a touchdown, chewing up a lot of clock (7:25 minutes) which could be considered out of the norm for this team. 

Score: (The Chiefs) 7 – 3 (The 49ners)

To start off the second quarter, the Chiefs then intercepted Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers Quarterback, but only got a field goal out of it to put them up 10-3. It was then when the 49ers responded and began to play their game. They marched down the field to score and tie the game up 10-10. The second quarter was uneventful but it led to many questions for fans, such as where were the 49ners run defense and both teams All-Pro Tightends, George Kittle and Travis Kelce? 

Score: (The Chiefs) 10 – 10 (The 49ers)

By the third quarter, the 49ers became a new team when they jumped the score to a 20-10 lead. They started with a field goal on their first drive of the half. Then, the 49ers intercepted Mahomes, taking the ball and scoring in 6 plays to score a touchdown. Those plays put them in the lead, leaving their fans confident in their team for the fourth quarter.

Score: (The Chiefs) 10 – 20 (The 49ers)

It was the beginning of the fourth quarter when the 49ers intercepted Mahomes again. To many, it looked like the game was over, especially with the 49ners up 10 with only 11:10 minutes on the clock. All that had to be done in order to secure their win was to run the ball, chew clock, and kick a field goal. But instead, Kyle Shannon, the 49ers’ head coach, decided to tell his players to throw the ball 14 times while only running it four. This ultimately led to the 49ers stopping the clock every time they threw an incompletion, along with scoring zero points for the rest of the game. On the other hand, the Chiefs scored a touchdown each time they had the ball in the fourth quarter, making the 49ers defense look like a bunch of two-star recruits. There was one crucial third down in the fourth quarter. The 49ers were still up 10 and it was the Chiefs’ 3rd and 15 with 7:13 minutes left in the fourth quarter. The Chiefs ran a four verts concept and while the 49ers had Mahomes in the backfield, but right before rookie superstar Nick Bosa (who also won defensive rookie of the year) could get him, Mahomes threw the ball 50 yards to a wide-open Tyreek Hill for a completion. Some may ask themselves how he got that wide open, the answer is Jimmy Ward who bet on a double move to the outside leaving Hill all alone. Once this pass was completed it was known that the game was over and there was no stopping the Chiefs offense. 

Score: (The Chiefs) 31 – 20 (The 49ers)

The biggest takeaways from this game might surprise the audience. They include the Chiefs defense showing up and containing the 49ers offense which rarely happened throughout the season. George Kittle and Travis Kelce didn’t show up compared to their normal standards, putting up a combined 10 receptions, 79 yards, and a touchdown. Kyle Shannon also showed no ability to adapt to the situation, staying pass-happy throughout the fourth quarter which cost him the game. A similar time was when he was the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons and his team was up 28 – 3 to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 51. He kept throwing the ball and that led to the Patriots coming back and eventually winning the game in overtime 34 – 28.