The San Francisco 49ers return to the Superbowl as NFC Champions after seven years

Xochitl Quinonez, Web Editor

On Sunday, February 2nd, the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers met head to head to face off in SuperBowl 54. 

It has been 25  years since the San Francisco 49ers won a SuperBowl and seven years since they last appeared. 

The main reason the Super Bowl is so popular is that pro football is the only major professional team sport with a single-elimination playoff system. 

The 49ers have been around for 74 years and are currently coached by Kyle Shanahan. Their offensive assistant coach, Katie Sowers, was the first woman in history to coach in the SuperBowl.

Kyle Shanahan went up against the Kansas City Chiefs coach, Andy Reid. It was a  significant game for both coaches since both teams have not won a Superbowl in years. 

The game started off with a coin toss and the 49ers called tails, winning the coin toss. Within the first quarter, the Kansas City Chiefs were up by four points, 3-7. 

“I have been a 49ers fan for about seven years now, ever since my family introduced me to the game of football, I fell in love right away”, said junior Allyson Diaz.

The second quarter came to an end with a tied score of 10-10.

The halftime show began s and famous Latina singers, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez gave an amazing performance. Bad Bunny also made an appearance during the halftime show.

“I honestly loved seeing two Latina queens representing our people and our culture brought me joy… To know that they’re the first Latinas to lead a SuperBowl halftime performance [is amazing]”, said Allyson Diaz.

The third-quarter ended with a score of 20-10, leaving the 49ers ahead. By the end of the fourth quarter, however, the Kansas City Chiefs caught up and finished the game with a score of 31-20,  becoming SuperBowl 54 champions.

One of the touchdowns the Kansas City Chiefs made during the last three minutes of the game caused a controversial ruling by the officials, meaning a replay of the touchdown. The call was overruled and the Kansas City Chiefs took the lead on the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 54.

“I was really shocked and in disbelief, I felt like they shouldn’t have counted that touchdown the Chiefs made when the player had just touched the stick [and his foot went out] with the football [in hand]”, expressed Allyson Diaz.

“I have been a 49ers fan for 32 years now…I did enjoy watching the SuperBowl until we lost….SuperBowl is awesome until you lose”, said  Gerardo Quinonez, a huge 49ers fan.

It was a tough game for both teams but in the end, there can only be one winner and in the end, the Kansas City Chiefs proved to be that winner. Both teams played great and proved that by making it all the way to the SuperBowl this year in Miami, till next year.