Seniors Embarking On the Next Chapter

Brittney Mercado, a senior at Da Vinci Communications, has already started thinking about what she plans to do in the future.

Brittney Mercado, a senior at Da Vinci Communications, has already started thinking about what she plans to do in the future.

Martina Flores and Joyous Sanders

Senior year. The most stressful yet memorable year of high school. And for the Da Vinci Communications High School seniors, it’s definitely an unforgettable one – especially since they’re the very first graduating class.

Da Vinci Communications first opened in the fall of 2013 with its first set of incoming freshmen being no more than 70 students.

We wanted to know what the seniors would remember most about high school, and what they plan on doing after they leave.

“I would go back to 9th grade [when we had] the boat project and made our own boats with our group,” stated Brittney Mercado, a senior here at DVC.

“We had to build the boat out of cardboard and it was kind of funny because we were struggling with the boats… we carried them all the way to Hawthorne High’s pool, and the objective was to get our boats across to reach the end of the pool…that was a fun thing I had never done,” she ended.

Mercado stated that she had many favorite memories and it was hard to just pick one. She chose the “Boat project” as one of her favorite memories because she was able to work with her peers and make new friends during her freshman year.

Mercado, like most of the seniors, has been at DVC since it was first opened to incoming freshmen. Her years at Da Vinci taught her how to make new, life-long friendships and how to overcome her fear public speaking.

Fortunately, Da Vinci has also prepared her well enough for the challenging life of the real world and of course, for college!

“Right now, my mindset is […] to attend college right away,” mentioned Mercado, “I kind of want to go into journalism and engineering. Maybe from there, I can travel the world so I can document what I do and help out the poorer countries.”

Not every 12th grade student has a dream to travel the world, but many have diverse plans.

Bryan Daniels, a senior at DVC, plans on going to a community college such as, El Camino, Southwest, or even taking the fifth year at DVX.

Eventually, he plans to transfer out in the spring of 2018 to attend LMU.

“I think I have a strong background in terms of college readiness [because], Da Vinci gave us good tips in terms of thinking about colleges and financial options,” stated Daniels.

Bryan seems prepared for the “college life” set ahead of him, but DVC will surely miss his fun personality on campus.

“One thing people are going to remember about me is my positive personality. I’m always outgoing, energetic, laughing, and singing,” Daniels stated, “I’m going to leave a powerful imprint to inspire people to be positive.”

Mercado, Daniels, and the rest of the seniors have made DVC culture what it is today, ranging from warm welcomes to unforgettable memories.  

They all have different expectations of where they’re headed after high school, but that’s the excitement of being a senior: making a future that is completely yours.

Da Vinci is excited to see what the future holds for all of the seniors, and again: Congratulations to Da Vinci Communications’ first graduating class of 2017.