Sanders For President?

Hasan Daniels and Daphne Piña

With the Democratic Primary currently taking place, there is one candidate who I believe is not fit to serve as the leader of our nation, and that is the Senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders. I believe he would not make a good president due to his age and health, his plans to cut costs on health care and public college, and his second amendment views.

Bernie Sanders is currently 78 years old and he is currently the oldest politician in this democratic primary. He is a year older than Biden and seven years older than Elizabeth Warren, all three of who are over 70 years old. On October 4th Sanders had a heart attack, and this raises questions as to whether or not he is healthy enough to be president of the United States. 

¨When I heard that Bernie Sanders had a heart attack, I was caught off guard by the news,¨ said Senior Ellie Roman. ¨He had just announced his plan to run for president and at that moment I regained the hope I lost when Donald Trump became president. I have a feeling this heart attack might have a huge. 

Sanders is very well known for his far-left activism. He has stated in numerous interviews and presidential debates that he wants to make public college free and create a universal healthcare system. Of course, free healthcare and public college education sound like a good idea, but the cost is egregious. According to CBS, Medicare for all will cost a detrimental 15 trillion dollars and tuition-free public universities will cost 750 billion dollars. When asked in an interview with CNN, Bernie Sanders has admitted to saying if he were president in order to make free healthcare and public college existent in our country he would raise the taxes of the middle class. 

¨I feel that medicare for all and tuition-free public college is a great idea,¨ said Sophomore Jahari Crawford. ¨The only issue I have with Bernie is that he hasn’t brought a plan to action in and in order to pass something like this you must do the math create reasonable and affordable taxes in order to pay for it.¨ 

Another issue I have with Sanders is his views on the second amendment. He wants to expand background checks, challenge the NRA, and implement a buyback program. Expanding background checks won’t stop the gun violence issue, at the most, it would only slow down the issue. Along with a background check, there needs to be a gun safety course that is required before somebody is allowed to purchase a gun. Challenging the NRA won’t put an end to gun violence. They are just an organization who supports the second amendment and enjoys guns. 44% percent of homes in the U.S reportedly have one firearm and the NRA only has 5.5 million members. Implementing a buyback program has been attempted in specific states across the country, but it just hasn’t been found effective. Another issue is most people who sell guns at these buyback programs use the funds to buy newer guns. 

Our countries have many issues that need to be addressed and with his views and the lack of evidence or thought he puts into his proposed plans, I don’t think he is capable of being a leader of this country.