The Best Fries Around 


Lauryn Shorter , Staff Writer

Many people have opinions on different foods such as where they get french fries. The local restaurants around El Segundo includes Denny’s, In-N-Out, Burger IM, and Farmer Boys, which all have fries that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and most importantly taste. 

See me, I’m very picky over my food so tasting all of these fries was a challenge.

 Lauryn’s Top Ranking 1-4 … not to bash lol! 

1Farmer Boys: #1 goes to them! I appreciate the seasoning, not afraid to use it for us customers unlike the rest of these restaurants. Nice and flavorful, perfect temperature for you to take your time to eat your other food as well. Crispy! Crispy! Crispy! Thanks to you guys for making these french fries with a nice crunch, taste and not too oily. Never a disappointment and also won’t get tired of eating. Makes you want to finish all the fries before you eat the meal.. 

2Denny’s: Despite the fact that they take way too long to make fries, I’d say it’s pretty good. The amount of salt and pepper for seasoned fries fits perfectly with the texture of crispy and oily. Now, on the other hand, the regular cut fries, have the smallest amount of salt on it, its like they took LITERALLY two tiny individual salts and just served it. I wouldn’t recommend the regular fries because it seems like you are eating plain dry mashed potatoes with ketchup. 

3Burger IM: The first time I tried these I thought I would be getting something special. Thinking that this new place would wow me, they didn’t entirely. These fries were circles and I think they were plantain fries or whatnot. The texture was nice, wasn’t too hot or cold but was missing salt! You can not serve dry fries to me, sir. If they had more seasoning to it, I might reconsider this place again. 

4 In N Out: These fries come out nice and hot for 20 seconds before you can actually eat and enjoy them for your meal smh. I personally don’t care for the texture or taste of these fries. The fries are hard in a way that has no flavor whatsoever. Kinda taste like cut up slices of cardboard with a drizzle of salt served with a burger and drink!  Not fresh at all. Sorry, but I’ll pass. 

Now let’s hear what you guys have to say

According to the results, Burger IM fries were not voted for by anyone. The reason for this might be that the restaurant is fairly new and students have not had the opportunity to stop by.  

Now, why is that In-N-Out is way more preferred than Farmer Boys and Denny’s? According to an article published in the Los Angeles Times entitled, The Official Fast Food French Fry Power Rankings, In-N-Out Fries were ranked the lowest of all the fast-food restaurants mentioned.  Elina Shatkin, a viewer on Today had no shame in giving her honest opinion on these fries, “In-Out is a terrible fry. Terrible. Glad to see it in the bottom.” 

The question now is, why do 54.2% of students and staff choose In-N-Out fries instead of the others? Junior Dejah Pope said, “Nice and crunchy and oily like it tastes really good, especially with the burger.“  

Dejah’s opinion is way different from Elina’s statement. Everyone has different taste buds so it can be hard to decide what’s really hype and who really has the best French Fries?

Senior Benjamin Illescas said, “They have their secret menu that’s not really that secret. Just that a lot of good options and it’s cheap. It’s not super-duper expensive. It’s like what five bucks for a double cheeseburger and fries.”

The second best fry students really enjoy is Farmer Boys, which had a voting percentage of 25%, overruling Denny’s fries by 5%. Burger IM, however, is still last.

Another junior, Jermey Williams, said, “I feel that Farmer Boys has better fries because they aren’t as dry. They’re crisper and they taste better.” 

It’s interesting to know what students around campus enjoy because everyone has an opinion based on their experiences and what they personally believe is considered quality french fries. 

Currently, In-N-Out stands as the winner with Farmer Boys in second, Denny’s in third and Burger IM in dead last. 

 Feel free to tell the Vitruvian Post what fries you prefer by taking the survey linked below!

       The Best Fries Survey

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