Dear Martin: The Reality of Racial Injustice

Jordan Foster , Web Editor

Nic Stone did a prominent job creating a favorable point of view on racial injustice through the use of emotional and suspenseful events in his 2017 novel titled Dear Martin. 

Dear Martin stars the main character, Justyce, who is faced with chilling occurrences throughout the book that play an emotional role in his life. He attends a private school, gets good grades, and is apart of the debate team that includes kids that disagree with his views on police brutality and racism in America.

Through bloody experiences and violent incidents,  Stone develops the idea for Justyce to write letters to Martin Luther King Jr., asking him what he would do in certain situations. It’s obvious the letter doesn’t go directly to King Jr. himself, but the letters posed as a reflection journal. This idea was unique in its own way and provided readers with a different approach to discussing a controversial issue. 

The most important aspect of this book is the way in which the author connects the conflicts to the real-world. The predicaments that occur in this book have happened and are happening in modern society today. Racial discrimination is an ongoing issue and we as a country haven’t exactly found a solution to it. According to the Pew Research Center, “Roughly eight-in-ten blacks with at least some college experience (81%) say they’ve experienced racial discrimination.” 

The writing style of this book was strong and it was a style that youth readers could connect to. The book’s target audience was the public as a whole, but the powerful message it gave to the youth was the most impactful thing since young readers are the future and should be well-informed about the direction of our country as of now. 

The sequence of events ran smoothly throughout the book, making it easy to follow along and understand what is going on in certain parts of the novel. I was intrigued as the book advanced over time and rarely wanted to put the book down due to how hooked I was with Stone’s writing style. 

Dear Martin was one of the best books that I have personally read up to this day. The impact this book had on my thoughts provided me with a broader perspective on racial injustice that occurs in a country we call home. Being a black male in the U.S has become almost a risk and  Stone’s creation has made this idea visible in his novel.