Da Vinci Schools’ First-Ever Flag Football Tournament!

Matthew Garcia

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”_4Wp3Jo7VRE” ]For the first time ever, Da Vinci schools started a flag football tournament for its students that lead up to homecoming.

DVS’s Leadership organized a bracket that allowed students to participate in a flag football tournament and compete for first place. Two games were played each day two weeks prior to Homecoming the winners were crowned at the dance. 

DVS Leadership Advisor, Kat Ramos, said, “A lot of students talked about having a normal high school experience because they feel like sometimes Da Vinci doesn’t give them that. So we thought why not start this semester with ‘Homecoming’, so let’s make a flag football tournament then it just took off from there.” 

During these games, many students came to support and watched as the teams competed for that first place spot. DVS’s Leadership ensured that the event was student-run between selling food or managing the scores. 

One of these teams was junior Yutaka Mahe’s Wiseburn Raiders, who represented DVC in the flag football tournament. 

When asked about his experience as a team captain he said, “It was stressful. Trying to call the right plays, sub in the right people, but overall it was fun and I would definitely do it again.” 

Another team in the tournament was Sebastian Pineda’s PlayMakers. On that team playing was, AJ Sanchez, a junior at DVD. He said, “It was interesting because you get to play from students from other schools so the competition is already there.” 

 “It was really organized, it wasn’t like they don’t know who was playing and it wasn’t just chaos you know it was organized,” Sanchez also mentioned. 

The flag football tournament was considered a success and according to students, it brought more school spirit. 

Ramos also stated that “There was no major issues that the administration saw so because of that I think we could be able to continue for next year.”

Overall the flag football tournament proved that we as a school can be exposed to new school ideas. This tournament gives students the opportunity to engage in those new events and still maintain that Da Vinci culture that we as a school want for our students.