Charlie smiles at the camera. (Photo Credit: Andres Villa)
Charlie smiles at the camera. (Photo Credit: Andres Villa)

Charlie & Me

December 5, 2019

Although it was a typical Saturday for most, October 19th, was and will always be a day that senior Andres Villa mourns and never forgets.  

Villa grew up with his family pet, Charlie, who they had adopted shortly after his cousin had passed. Whether it was going outside and playing with him after a long day or simply spending time with him regardless of the circumstances, Villa forged a deep bond with Charlie.

“Growing up, Charlie was one of my favorite dogs because we got him shortly after my cousin died so he was like a big piece of the family at that time,”  Villa stated. “ We just got along, we clicked well.”

Charlie smiles at the camera. (Photo Credit: Andres Villa)

As many may not know, dogs and other animals can get the same diseases and illnesses as humans such as cancer, diabetes, rabies, and ringworm according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Villa was one of the many who knew that Charlie could have these types of illnesses but didn’t know exactly what illnesses he could get that dogs could as well. 

“It was kind of devastating when I found out that Charlie had cancer, because he was like, my right hand, man, you know,” Villa expressed. 

An estimated 6 million dogs will be diagnosed with cancer this year as stated by When a pet is diagnosed with cancer, the family is usually given the option to undergo treatment to hopefully cure their disease. The three most common treatment options for animals are chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy. 

Charlie grew up with Villa and was always putting a smile on his face. (Photo Credit: Andres Villa)

“We had to put him down,” Villa said. “I had to put him down because I didn’t like to see him suffer and go through that.”

Even though Charlie got cancer and had to be put down, Villa will always cherish and appreciate what he had with Charlie. Charlie grew up hand-in-hand with Andres and was there for many of his life events 

“They show you love, like, anytime and any part of the day, so it’s always good to come home to you.”

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