Building A Family

Brittney Mercado and Riley Arnold

Three weeks into a freshman’s first year at Da Vinci Communications, they assume they know everybody and have found their friends for the rest of the year. Then, they are taken to one of Da Vinci Schools’ signature events: the Overnighter. In the beginning, students are simply informed that they are going camping for one day.

They leave knowing only 10 people, but they come back knowing every single one of their freshmen peers. The Overnighter brings everyone close, opens the minds of freshmen, and aids them in discovering the importance of a sense of trust within peers as opposed to typical cliques.

The Overnighter teaches new students that at a school like DVC, they will learn how to cooperate with everyone. It teaches them that family is not just at home, but that it can be found on a high school campus as well.

No matter who you ask, whether staff member or student, they will not be able to deny the importance of our DVC family. “If we are a family, it causes a good atmosphere for people to want to come to school” expresses Da Vinci Communications senior Brianna Willis.

In order to keep the school values in tact, students should learn to appreciate the unique culture that has been cultivated through events like the Overnighter.

Donald Puathasnanon, a sophomore teacher and adviser for Leadership and Senior Committee, mentioned that a handful of students are working on “creating a habit of helping in our DVC community,” because that is what this school is all about.

The College Board, a website aimed at helping high schoolers, points out that “College admission officers see that students are well-rounded and can contribute to life on campus.” They notice this from students who show they have participated in previous years.

According to The Department of Student Life at Michigan State University, when students are involved in school it shows “high levels of satisfaction with [their] college experience”. So when they become involved on campus during high school, they are actually preparing themselves for college.

Being actively involved on campus and participating in events as well as extracurricular activities that the school has to offer benefits everyone. When it comes to bringing our school communities closer and extending a family, no role is too small.