The Mystery Of The Boys Bathroom: What Goes On Behind Closed Doors?

Geovani Espinoza and Sarah Carrillo

In the first few weeks of November, the boys’ restroom was closed due to vandalization inside one of the stalls, which shaped into a common occurrence as the month progressed. 

After the boys’ restroom was closed off to students because of a paper towel incident, a second incident took place shortly after when the restroom shut down as a result of a broken soap dispenser. 

“I just can’t bear that me, as a senior who is responsible, is being punished because other students are like vandalizing the bathroom,” expressed senior Jonathan Cole. 

The decision to close the boys’ restroom came with a backlash from students. What was once a two to three-minute bathroom trip for male students quickly become a longer commute as the only restroom available was on the first floor. 

“I honestly think that kids don’t even realize how much privilege and freedom they get here at Da Vinci compared to most other high schools,” said Academic Coach Geraldine Lopez. “I think they are getting too many bathroom breaks and they’re abusing that.”

Since this isn’t the first incident of students’ behavior being unacceptable, possible solutions are being brainstormed to prevent wrongful action conducted in the boys’ bathroom.

“We’re investigating several options and nothing is set in stone, however, perhaps we need to have more active monitoring, which might mean we have the door propped open or perhaps the door being taken off entirely,” explained Assistant Principal Andrew Daramola. “However, if there are students who don’t value this experience, then, unfortunately, more drastic measures would have to be taken.”

Daramola mentioned that the luxuries and facilities are for students, and these are luxuries that can and will be taken away if actions like these continue.