Trump’s Impeachment Needs to Happen…Here’s Why


Nolee Bugarin and Isabel Umekubo

THE UNITED STATES-  The country has a history of impeaching two presidents, both of which were acquitted by congress. Due to recent events, citizens may be on the verge of witnessing the first impeachment based on treason with the after-effects showing what many can recognize as a steer in the right direction after a tight four-year term. 

On January 20th, 2017, The United States of America inaugurated its 45th president, Donald Trump of the Republican Party. For the past three years, citizens, non-citizens, and people all around the world have watched the Trump administration turn the tables. 

When will it be enough? 

Over time, the country witnessed terrible and traumatizing acts that often stir conflict over who is the main perpetrator behind these events. The youth population is prominently known for speaking up on specific issues and reaching a span of large audiences across the globe, even creating government involvement between the younger and older citizens of the United States. 

In the new year, the world has observed activists like 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who sparked uprises all over the globe that attracted over 4 million people to attend. Thunberg recently spoke at the United Nations summit, praising the young generation. 

“We showed that we are united and that we, young people, are unstoppable.”

However, the youth have yet to have any legal influence with President Trump outlining as an ambassador for marketing over climate. 

Climate change has brought many new faces to the spectrum regarding environmental activism. President Donald Trump continuously chooses to deny the fact that climate change is playing a key factor in current major environmental, political, and social matters. 

In 2014, Trump spewed a number of comments on his opinion regarding global warming and climate change.

“Give me clean, beautiful and healthy air – not the same old climate change (global warming) bulllshit! I am tired of hearing this nonsense,” Trump said. In later years, he maintains his beliefs, “Well, I think climate change is just a very, very expensive form of tax…I know much about climate change. I’d be – received environmental awards.” 

Trump holding a Anti-Climate Change sign during the campaign in 2016. Photo: Dominick Reuter, AFP

The responses the president displays are similar reactions to those opposing the fact that climate change is “proven” to be a hoax. Multiple decades of research and environmental studies were thrown under the bus by a simple Republican that managed to find his way into the Oval Office. 

A number of people thoroughly express their opinions upon arguing the topic of climate change or global warming. In relation to those, the country and the world has seen extreme changes in temperature, natural disaster, animal population decrease, and environmental damage due to issues relating to human-caused destruction. Trump’s statements are frequently shot down and/or disproven. 

“With the environment – environmental impact, not just even through executive orders, but also by people he [Trump] appointed in various roles seems to be going backward in trying to fight climate change, which I think has been scientifically shown is actually happening,” said 11th-grade Math teacher Donald Puathasnanon. 

Most recently, information has been released regarding multiple whistleblower complaints reporting the misconduct of power from President Trump. Testimony from Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper on October 22nd helped sustain evidence proving the Ukraine president, Volodymyr Zelensky, was withheld military aid from Trump. However, Trump promised to submit the financial aid after the foreign country confirmed to pursue an investigation of Joe Biden and son Hunter Biden. This testimony leaves highly questionable input on this administration and its plans for the upcoming elections with Biden leading the Democratic candidates with 38% and Trump fumbling to maintain his position in the office. 

Though the impeachment continues each day with more coverage being published, there is still some delay in the White House itself. As Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo pushes back the investigation leaves some wondering, “What for?” As the topic is brought up in DVC, many students share strong opinions on the matter and the relation Trump’s executive orders have had on them. 

“Recently, he [Trump] pushed out an ICE raid towards big cities like Los Angeles… [cities] across the United States,” said Ismael Diaz, a junior at DVC. Diaz proceeds into how these raids and immigration protocols have affected those in contact with him. “I’ve known a couple of family members. They [ICE officers] started gathering up people. They caught my aunt’s brother while he was on his way to work at Home Depot… My uncle was on his way to work, ICE followed him, sent him to jail. They sent him back.” 

Diaz, with a small shrug, reveals that his mother is worried, as President Trump mentioned earlier in the year that an ICE Raid would occur in the summer, and has now been postponed until further notice. 

During his presidency, Trump has passed numerous executive actions that have been enforced to the citizens in America. On January 25th, 2017 Trump signed the Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvement that prompts to enhance the obstruction of bypass specifically along the southern borders. The act’s impact on immigrants even at DVC has left many in concernment to their future in America since its passing, however with elections rolling about it could open a new gate for change and protection. 

The sense of political protection and human rights has been lost in the most recent decades with some believing there has been a fight for change, 

 “The 2016 presidential election has torn the nation apart,” senior Ethan Barragán said. “We’re slowly trying to sew it back together with talks across the aisle within the two dominant parties here in the United States.” 

Barragan highlights the pragmatic side of the Trump Administration’s actions, stating “that the economy and the job market are doing very well.” On the contrary, he goes into further detail on the constructive side, “

..other executive orders include his hard-line deal on immigration which hasn’t been very popular in terms of the societal aspect.” 

Though it isn’t only the southern neighbor border that has suffered reproductions within all the smoke of burning bridges. 

Since one of the most devastating shootings of San Bernadino in 2015, there have been numerous prejudice stereotypes that individuals within the Muslim community have faced without enforcement treason to this hate speech. 

A week after Trump’s inauguration he passed Executive Order 13769 on January 27th, 2017. Also recognized through the titles such as the Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States or Muslim ban. The encouragement of such a vague title targets refugees of predominantly Muslim centered countries allows for the discrimination slurs to fly. 

Many have perceived this Islamophobic behavior to be legalized due to the passing of this executive act. 

 “I think people need to realize that the Muslim community within the United States faced an immense amount of hatred especially young girls and women who wore the hijabs,” said senior Raya Dajani. “I mean this was not the first time the Muslim community has encountered such hate because we can take a look back at 9/11, yet with the addition of the executive order, it further enlarged the negative image of Muslims who follow a religion that specifically enforces peace and love.”

The momentum of prejudice stereotypes does not determine the future generations within this country with many already being encouraged to utilize the voice they already have. 

“I, as a Muslim, am a human being,” said Dajani. “There should be no restrictions or hatred placed against people just because of the religion they follow.” 

Barragan ends with a powerful message that all current watchers from adolescence can take into consideration for these upcoming elections.  “The youth have a very vital role in our politics which they kind of aren’t used to their full potential. I believe that voter turn-out among the youth is very low for the reason that they believe their vote doesn’t count.”

If Trump’s abusive power isn’t impeachable, the question lingers in everyone’s mind; what is? Through a term of practiced ‘traditions’ once sought to be the foundations have been overturned again. In theory, not impeaching him would prove grey borders of a president’s power. Distributing the minority-majority speech our communities were promised by silencing many through legal orders and law. The effect of a failed impeachment may drain those who wish silently for change for their kids, grandkids and future generations to be spared.

Democratic House Representative Nancy Pelosi said it best, “No one is above the law.”



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