Looking For A Place To Eat? Well Look No Further

Jailyn Gatson and Kevin Lagarde

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The internet has made searching for food places easy by simply typing in a word or phrase and endless options are at your fingertips. There are a variety of reasons why people select certain restaurants, but customer reviews from websites like Yelp help make the decisions easier. 

These reviews allow people to view different aspects of a restaurant such as hours of operation, delivery options, star ratings, and customer comments. Something that caught our eye was how many stars different establishments have.

Does the number of stars give a good indication of the quality of goods and services? We decided to see if there is a correlation between what customers have deemed quality food by visiting two Mexican restaurants, one in which had the most number of stars, while the other had the least number of stars.

El Amigo in Lawndale was given four stars, so off we went to see if they deserved the rating. 

The restaurant is small, but cozy, located on a corner with limited parking. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating, which made for a pleasant atmosphere while eating a meal. When we walked up to the counter the male employee that was taking our order was very welcoming. The food arrived quickly which was convenient and it was hot. We ate their tacos, shrimp cocktail, with rice and beans. The food was very tasty and the service was excellent.  We would have to say we agree with the Yelp ratings and plan on going back in the future.

The second restaurant we reviewed was Taco Mexico in Hawthorne which had a two-star rating. Immediately we were turned off because the second we walked into the place, there was a bad smell. It smelled like old lettuce throughout the restaurant. As we ordered, the workers seemed like they didn’t want to be there. We ordered their chicken and beef tacos and tamales. Yelp was right again, the food was mediocre and the smell was a complete turnoff. 

Based on our review, Yelp was on point with their star rating of the two restaurants we visited. Be on the lookout here are more reviews to come. If you have some recommendations on places or services that you would like to have reviewed please let us know.