Too Much Work?

Morgan Daniels

As DVC gets to the thick of the first semester, work begins to pile up, but according to students, there is too much work piling up.

Homework is one of the top reasons for stress among high school students, but all of this work and stress could pay off when these students get to college. 

“What I think prepares you better for college is this independence of trying to manage that time and your deliverables and your checkpoints and stuff like that,” said 11th-grade Math teacher Donald Puathasnanon. “Because in college, they’re not necessarily handing you off that calendar and all this other stuff, you’re doing it on your own.” 

Students feel stressed around this time of year because of Exhibition and POLs coming up, on top of the projects and other assignments due. 

But do other students feel like these assignments and the amount of homework given out prepares them for college? 

“I’m very 50/50. With that, you know, because school prepares you for college,” said junior Reese Gonzalez. “But I feel like, instead of assigning students work all on the same date. I would prefer the work to be more challenging.”

Even though students have been talking about the amount of work that is being given, it doesn’t mean they aren’t handling it well. 

“I think from what I see in here, it seems like things are going pretty well. Students are turning in assignments, they’re turning in high-quality work,” said 11th-grade U.S History teacher Steven Covelman.

Many students have expressed that when school starts to get tough around this time of year, it’s important to find a good outlet for the stress that is building up. They have claimed that the staff here really cares about its students, so if things are getting stressful, know that you are supported by many people.