Firefighters work to douse the skeleton of a house near where the Getty Fire erupted. (Apu Gomes/AFP via Getty Images)
Firefighters work to douse the skeleton of a house near where the Getty Fire erupted.

Apu Gomes/AFP via Getty Images

City of Fires

November 6, 2019

California—  Across the desert region is ablaze dry plantation as smokey ambers carry through the cloudy skies to the middle of busy Los Angeles and other cities across the southern state as repercussions are taken into the initiative. 

Throughout October there have been small fires igniting due to the dry brush and intense temperatures throughout California. However, since the beginning of The Getty Fire many counts of the city have pushed repercussions as the governor of California Gavin Newsom declares a “statewide emergency” after high-winds play a role in the evacuations of neighborhoods across the city.

Firefighters work to douse the skeleton of a house near where the Getty Fire erupted.

Even though Sherman Oaks was where the Getty Fire ignited on the morning of October 28th, residents in further areas near the Santa Monica Hills were evacuated. Residents of the mountains and near the border took all they could carry before driving away from the flame-broiled hills. 

The fire spread closer to areas near Topanga where many were forced to evacuate. Schools in the Santa Monica-Malibu district were also shut down due to the deprivation in sustainable air quality.

Residents of the area that were transported to either open homes or evacuation centers, such as the Westwood Recreation Center, share insight into the differences they’ve noticed in wildfires becoming more common due to rising climate. 

“I’ve noticed firefighters from cities that are nowhere near the fire come to support current firefighters that are trying to put this fire out,” said Maia Resnik, a junior attending Santa Monica who also was evacuated from her house in Topanga.

“This is something I did not see with the fires last year down in Malibu and I live very close to both fires.” 

As the Getty Fire spreads across almost 40,000 acres of land, more firefighters were called in to contain the rupture from entering the city borders. Some of the troopers worked for an everlasting 36+ hours in the highly intense areas where containment fluctuated.

The motive or reasoning behind the Getty Fire is still unclear as there is no strict border of its origin. 

“We’re not ruling out anything,” Los Angeles Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas said according to CNN News

As the containment of the Getty and other fires across southern and northern California are seized by all precautions as possible, it leaves the question to the post-goals and repercussions. 

Over 10,000 people have lost their homes in California due to wildfires, which brings fear as some wonder what those homes left in the shadows face beyond the extinguished fire.

As the skyline is engulfed in red smoke, animals from the November 2018 fire in similar areas near Griffith Park.

The importance of the preservation of the Getty Museum and celebrity homes has been plastered across headlines in the media, yet there seems to be an empty void to the relocation of many animals within the sanctuaries and wildlife where the fire initially broke out. 

Since the breakout, animals both household and wild have been relocated from their initial stations such as West Valley Animal Shelter and Hanson Dam Recreation Area to temporary sanctuaries, while information to the recreation of said structures has yet to be released by state officials. 

“I fear most that the rehabilitation of the wildlife and land lost will not be a focus on California or focus and generally it will all be about to displace people [to] try and get their homes back,” said Resnik. “Give wildlife their homes back.” 

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