Should Teachers Carry Guns In School?


Cynie Cory, teacher at James S. Rickards High School, and Arkia Gordon, 17, a student at Leon High School, protest outside the Florida State capitol after Florida governor Ron DeSantis passes a bill that allows teachers at schools to carry guns on campus. (Charlotte Kesl/For The Washington Post)

Giving teachers armed weapons isn’t an effective solution to school shootings, instead, it promotes violent actions and could potentially put students and staff at a school in harm’s way. 

Recently, the governor of Florida signed into law a bill that allows teachers in the state of Florida to carry armed weapons in school. The governor believed that this was going to ultimately make schools safer in Florida although many people may disagree with the bill. California does not support this idea. There is a bill known as Assembly Bill 424 that prohibits the possession or carry of a firearm on school grounds in California. 

 “I would not carry a weapon at school, I don’t see any positives in carrying a gun for any situation,” said Principal Erin D’Souza. 

Allowing teachers to carry guns in school doesn’t exactly solve the issue of school shootings. Solving violence, specifically school shooting incidents, shouldn’t be solved by adding more guns to a school environment. A major negative with allowing teachers to carry guns is that it can end up in the wrong hands. What happens when the gun isn’t fully secured in the classroom and a potential shooter obtains the weapons?

“If students see or know guns are around, it changes the dynamic of how people relate to each other and what they expect and it affects how students feel about the classroom,” said Biology teacher Tyler Mar. “Guns can go both ways and if in the wrong hands, then it can be used aggressively which could put more and more people at harm.” 

Students also have a say on whether they believe teachers should be allowed to carry guns in the classroom. States should consider student opinions when making big decisions such as armed teachers because not all students want to learn in a setting where they know a gun is present. 

“I don’t think teachers should carry guns, their job is to teach and be our mentors,” said senior Riley Brady. “I am not against having armed guards at school though, they’re here for a reason. I would prefer if they didn’t have them just because of the risk and chance of something tragic happening.”

There have been a total of 22 school shootings in the U.S since January and we as a society haven’t seemed to find a solution to these incidents. Much of this could be due to our gun laws being less strict compared to other advanced industrial nations. 

“We are afraid to actually tackle the issue [of school shootings.] The argument that teachers should have guns in the classrooms is just avoiding the real problem,” said 12th-grade U.S Government teacher Robert Allen. “Then we’re saying the only solution to violence is to arm more people and respond with more violence? I find that to be an ineffective solution to the problem.”  

Allowing teachers to carry guns at school would create a negative environment where teachers and students wouldn’t feel safe at DVC. It’s too much of a risk to implement the possession of armed weapons in schools due to the fact that a gun can end up in the wrong hands.