Young in Love Relationships

Milan Boykins

Love is a common feeling us humans may feel for another. A feeling that makes you happy, motivated and can even shape you into a better person. Puppy love is usually seen as “young love” or something that can be temporary. In high school, love and relationships can be viewed by others as something that isn’t “real”. Compared to older individuals, real love can only be found when you’re older. The voices at Da Vinci have their own individual perspectives about love and what it means to them.

Love can be seen in different ways depending on the person. Just like love can affect us all in different ways.

“Love is like something you can’t put a timeline to you know what I mean? And it’s like, yeah, like when you’re young, you know, you don’t necessarily know what love is. But like I said, Love, is a feeling,” stated by junior Celeste Torres. 

The best relationships are when people are mature and know what it takes to keep a stable relationship. When they love each other so much to the point they want to keep them around and will do anything to stick to that.

Academic Coach Stacey España has been with her high school lover for 10 years and she said, “I think love is a healthy, happy relationship with great communication and supporting each other, through the good and the bad. And also finding a lot of maturity within making sure that even if you disagree, you have conversations and you don’t avoid each other. You talk it out.”

The key to finding when’s the best time for love is when you love yourself ENTIRELY. There’s not an age set on when love is definite, but it is important to make sure you’re stable within yourself before loving someone else.

“I always hear when people say, “oh, they’re my better half” and as cheesy as that might sound,” said  España “I think that you shouldn’t have a “half”, you should be a whole yourself. Because they’re things that I think about and I love my boyfriend so much but I depend on myself for my happiness before anything and everyone and that’s with any type of relationship.” 

Relationships aren’t mandatory but if you’re capable of balancing it while focusing in school, it shouldn’t affect you. It all depends on the person if it’s a good choice to fall in love in high school or not. Love can affect you, so much that it’s the only thing on your mind, which can lead to distractions.

“For me, I don’t think I’d ever date someone in high school. Just because it’s just a personal thing. But I feel like there are people in school who you can really benefit from, like having a boyfriend or girlfriend, cause it’s always good,” said senior Benjamin Illescas.