Spirit Week

Charles Skinner

Spirit week has started and students are celebrating their school by participating in activities related to Halloween, grade-level colors, and competing in friendly competitions. 

Each day of spirit week has a different meaning that either relates to school culture and or is hosted just for fun.

“I think spirit week is just a week where we dress differently at school for each day of the week,” -said junior Travis Yeh

 Leadership planned spirit week and is trying to better the culture of DVC. They are also trying to find themes that can better relate to the students and will influence them to participate with their fellow classmates. Leadership is trying something new this year with a color clash theme in which every grade wears different colors. Freshmen wear blue, sophomores wear black, juniors wear red, seniors wear green, and the staff wears purple. 

 “Friday is color clash where every[one] has a different color that they have to wear. And it just shows our school culture even staff will be dressing up our school schools color purple,” said junior Tiffany Brown

Freshmen are excited for their first spirit week and are especially interested in the   Halloween costume contest and color clash day. 

“I think spirit week is a very great way to show your participation in school spirit, and I really enjoyed the fact that the school likes to have people participate,” said freshmen Alivin Liu.

Pajama day is the first day of Spirit Week. On pajama day you’re supposed to come to school wearing pajamas, this is a yearly theme that does not get old with students. Tuesday is twin day, you can dress the same as with many friends of your choosing to become twins or triplets or quadruplets. Wednesday is pink attire, come to school wearing pink clothes for breast cancer awareness. 

“I think spirit week is amazing, I get to show up to school wearing my to school on pajama day I’m pretty hyped for that,” said junior Tarik Canada.

Thursday is Halloween. In previous years, the school would host a costume competition where there would be several different categories and the winners would be given a prize. 

With Friday’s Color Clash theme, there is to be a game that will be played during CD that is set to go hand in hand with the colorful theme. 

 “Personally I love spirit week. I like to think of myself as an influencer of children around me. So I am going to participate in spirit week so that my peers will also participate,” said junior Carlos Ornadez.

 “I think it’s fun,” said resource teacher Sarah Taylor. “I think it’s a good way to bring the teachers and the students together and just have kind of a more relaxed environment and just do something a little bit fun for the holiday.”