School Parking Lot Safety

Anthony Gadioma, Staff Writer

Although being on your phone can be fun and entertaining, it is also a distraction that has recently become a safety issue in Da Vinci’s school parking lot. 

It is no surprise that smartphones have become a big part of everyday work and personal life, so much that it is affecting the safety of our students. On October 2nd, a student was almost run over by a staff member backing out of their parking space. The student was walking while wearing earbuds and listening to music. 

“As a teacher, you still need to be extra vigilant… so just remember you’re still at work and you have to drive more defensively, then you would drive out [of] a parking lot elsewhere in Los Angeles,” said 10th-grade English teacher Adam Watson. 

After the incident occurred Rocio Ansari emailed staff regarding safety in the parking lot.  In an interview, Ansari said that there is a protocol in place that staff, families, and students have been asked to follow. She explained that the protocol mainly revolves around students and staff being able to follow “parking lot etiquette” where they are walking in designated spaces and crosswalks. 

“We have seen a few incidents,” said Ansari. “One of the things that we do see comes also from pedestrians walking in areas that aren’t considered walking zones. If you’re coming from the northern part of the parking lot there’s like an area that’s designated to a block. So we’ve had students walking through.”

Students witness their peers actively using their phones but do nothing about it. In order to prevent these incidents, we need to be more aware of our surroundings. Even the little things such as not listening to music, looking both ways or not using your phone at all while walking through the parking lot can make a huge difference. 

“Students should remind others, for their safety and just kind of remind them what they need to do,” said junior Analii Mosquera. “I feel like I’m assuming they’re not seeing what is around them, they don’t realize that stuff is going on until it something actually happens to them.”