The Beauty of Creative Expression

Xochitl E. Marin, Staff Writer

Creative expression is a type of outlet that people hold important to them as most develop an emotional human connection in their pieces. 

Whether it’s through visual arts, writing, music, or dancing, all styles have one major similarity: They are outlets people use to creatively release their thoughts and emotions. In its essence, creative expression helps people connect to the part of themselves that makes them human.

“Creative expression is really anything that we do to express our humanity,” said 12th-grade English teacher Deepti Reim. “There’s a lot of different ways we can express the human spirit.”

The meaning or thought behind a person’s creative expression is limitless. One may think of expressing themselves in the form of painting while another might think of doing so in the form of poems. Products of creative expression are interpreted broadly by those the creator chooses to share their pieces with. Much of the time, the diverse contributions of mediums people create are shared with the world and are used to resonate with others.

“When you draw or write a song, it’s like you’re telling a story to somebody and they just have to figure out what they mean,” said sophomore Vanetta Altson, whose favorite form of expressing herself creatively is writing songs and drawing.

While Alston uses creative expression in the form of art and music, sophomore Isabella Bañuelos utilizes a variety of writing styles to express her emotions. 

“It gives me an outlet,” said Bañuelos on why expressing herself through writing is important to her. “ If there’s something on my mind and there’s no other way for me to talk about it, I know that writing is always there.”

Creative expression not only serves as a way for some to pour out their thoughts and emotions, but various forms of creative expression serve as hobbies for students. 

Freshman Ivanna Martinez uses her love of soccer as an outlet to relieve stress and considers the sport her form of expression.

“It helps me free my mind just thinking about the breeze hitting my face,” said Martinez.

Sophomore David Saddler is a shoe designer who creates shoes and imitates styles as his creative escape. Saddler hopes to pursue a career in shoe design.

“You don’t always have to express yourself through speech, you can also express yourself through a different outlet,” said Saddler. “Whenever I’m doing a shoe design, I’m in the zone.”

The diversity of these mediums and the driving idea behind creative expression seamlessly create the story of what creative expression can be.

“Creative expression is like storytelling,” said 10th-grade English teacher Noël Ingram. “It’s important to understand what it means to be human and we should celebrate that.”