Attention on Advisory Ambassadors

Andrew Gomez, Staff Writer

Advisory is one of the many classes that operate differently at Da Vinci Schools than it does at other high schools, but something new DVC is trying this year is recruiting Advisory Ambassadors. 

 Many students are curious to know what exactly advisory ambassadors are and what their primary purpose is. For Eric Marintsch, the main purpose behind advisory ambassadors is so that students can have a voice. 

 Marintsch had two things to say about Advisory Ambassadors, “So the first part is kind of like coming together, sharing ideas for things that maybe another advisory would really enjoy doing. So then the second thing, the more important thing is bringing students together to help us [the teachers].”

 It must be remembered that the students are not going to make all decisions as they are just contributing their input on how to better advisory, as well as making teachers’ tasks easier to manage. After all, the teachers did not want to make it difficult for the students by making them do all the work as they already have enough on their plate.

“So definitely want input from students, think that to make it mindful of everyone’s time because it takes a lot of time,” said Martintsch, after hearing one of the ambassadors say that time management could be a problem.

 “The workload of teachers, combining with you trying to represent your advisory it becomes stressful and pressuring,” said junior Kaitlyn Mccalebb.

Not only would students have to juggle the workload from their core classes, but some students would also have to balance Advisory Ambassadors, assignments and extracurricular activities. 

Senior Zoraiz Hashmi said, “If I am going to speak for myself, I would say yes, because I have things to do for school for college, and then for outside, I have other things to do as well.” He followed up with, “It is gonna be a little hard, but I feel like life is not always easy, So I have to learn this one way or another.”

With all the ideas that Advisory Ambassadors have to come up with, it helps provide a manageable approach for the teachers as they need a couple of good ideas from students to build their lessons off of. The work is not meant to add stress to students but to come up with fun, enjoyable ideas that teachers can implement to make advisory a better experience. 

“Definitely, the meat is going to be coming from students, and then I think we will [the teachers] take it from there and try to finish it off,” said Marintsch. 

One important part of being an ambassador that students continue to wonder about is the structure and how work will be divided. 

One student, sophomore Ayana Alvarado, thinks that ambassadors will help organize each event or activity. Another student thinks that the ambassadors’ input and ideas will make advisory more exciting and fun to DVC students. 

Within the school, there are roughly 20 advisories, and most of them have one ambassador, while others may have two or even more. Most advisories have only one representative, however, people are wondering if one student will be enough to represent an entire class. Alvarado thinks there should be more than one per advisory, “It is more of a [re]presentation from the advisory.” 

Since Advisory Ambassadors are new,  the student body will see how it plays out. 

“Time, time will tell, and then we will see how it goes this year, we are trying it out. If students like it, then we will keep it, and if it does not work, then we will try to think of another way to do it so that we are still making sure advisory is a really fun and meaningful place at DVC,” Marintsch said.