Secret walls of Design

Jocelyn Hernandez, Staff Writer

On Friday, May 31st, freshmen and seniors from Design won their bragging rights and proved their artistic superiority. The two grades had been elected to participate in an art competition that the Secret Walls held in the local LA area to embrace their artistic skills and to bring their collaborative creativity to life. 

The Secret Walls/School Walls is an art competition that hosted a world premiere live art event where only eight schools on the west coast were elected to compete. Artists competed against one another in a 60-minute mural battle in which they only used black paint. Students across many schools had an opportunity to not only embrace their artistic skills but to really embrace the true meaning behind art.

Freshmen, seniors, and art coaches mentioned that the Secret Walls is an event that’s really fun, exciting and unforgettable. 

Ralph Villalobos, one of the Graphic Design pathway teachers at DVD,  guided ten students along the process of the competition. He was overall impressed by how everyone came together and really “destroyed” the winning art pieces. 

“What’s great about the Secret Walls and how it adds to our culture at Design, is that it proves that art is beyond just pretty pictures you see in the museum- it’s live, real, it’s a battle for supremacy,” Villalobos said.

Villalobos and other judges decided who made the cut into the competition due to many students auditioning their artistic pieces. 

“We had a lot of big turnouts so we were allowed to have two teams because we had such a big turn out. I had two teams of five who ended up winning,” Villalobos said. 

The Secret Walls was also a new experience of “self-expression.” Sophomore Arely Martin was one of the few students who got selected to participate in the competition. As a freshman at the time it was a new opportunity in the art world. 

 “Art can be used almost anywhere and it’s part of what we are as humans through self-expression,” Martin said. 

While participating in the Secret Walls competition, students had the ability to paint anything they wanted on the art pieces they created. The only theme was to “destroy” the other teams. 

“I really enjoy doing the alien slash cowboy art piece since it was the most organized and we were a lot more comfortable since the first one was a lot of improvising,” Martin said. 

Senior Stephanie Silva was another student who got selected to be in the competition. She competed against some of the lower and upperclassmen in order to get a spot on the team.

  Silva really enjoyed her time at the competition and felt that it was an opportunity to really bond with students and professional art coaches. 

“What I took away from this competition was being able to collaborate with many different artists, not just the students but actual professional artists who came in and being able to talk to them and getting advice from them on how to make it in the art world and how they made it into the art world,” Silva said. “It was just a wonderful experience and I learned a lot from them.” 

Jocelyn Hernandez

At The Secret Walls/School Walls competition, the elected students had the ability to make their artistic skills come to life, while really embracing the organization into the canvases. “I feel like it expresses who we are as a people, it brought a lot of energy that came from our childhood.” Arely Martin said.
At the Secret Walls/School Walls students had the ability to choose upon whatever they wanted to create without any limits while being trained as professionals.“It was great to see my girls come in together and destroy everyone else and be the badasses they can be,” Ralph Villalobos said.