The Pathway to a College Education

Jaylene Maldonado, Web Editor

Jaylene Maldonado

On Friday, September 27th, the senior class had the opportunity to visit California State Polytechnic University Pomona, allowing them to visit specific departments that Cal Poly Pomona offers.

As the first semester begins, seniors at DVC are starting to begin their college research in Government and College Writing teacher, Rob Allen.  As Cal State and FAFSA applications open on October 1st, visiting colleges like Cal Poly Pomona is more important now than ever. 

 “I think it’s important that we now as seniors take college field trips, especially since we are about to start applying in the next couple of weeks,” said senior Daniel Ramirez. 

As part of the self-guided tour, the 12th-grade teachers decided it would be a fun opportunity for the seniors if they participated in a scavenger hunt to explore the Cal Poly campus. Students were assigned specific locations to find and their task was to take a picture with whomever they were exploring with. 

“The scavenger hunt was my favorite because I was able to see the whole campus and usually when we go on different colleges tour, we don’t usually see the whole campus for yourself,” said senior Ellie Roman. 

Like Roman, many thought the self-guided tour was an opportunity to seek out different parts of campus on their own as opposed to having someone show them. Roman also added that it made her feel like she actually attended Cal Poly.  Some seniors, however, did not find it as enjoyable or useful.  

“My least favorite part of visiting Cal Poly, Pomona was the fact that it wasn’t a guided and had to figure everything out on our own,” said senior Kasey Nyguen. “I felt as if I would have enjoyed it more if I actually someone guiding me and telling me about the school instead of me just looking at buildings and getting lost.” 

Seniors were also given the chance to visit specific departments that Cal Poly, Pomona offered. The departments that the seniors got to visit were: Computer Science, Communications, and Journalism. These three departs were catered to the pathways that DVC offers. 

“We learned the different types of coding that they use also how to reuse code that we may have used already which they explained well to us,” explained Computer Science senior Brandon Rodriguez.

The communications department was targeted towards the Strategic Communications pathway. The Journalism pathway got to visit and meet the web-editor and sports-editor of The Poly Post, Cal Poly Pomona’s newspaper. 

“My favorite part was learning of their process and how much of it we have already contributed to our newsroom,” said Geovani Espinoza, one of the Managing Editors for the journalism pathway. “We all felt as if we were ahead of the game on a lot of things.” 

 Juniors are just getting started on their pathway experience and are getting to know the basics of how each pathway actually operates. “As of right now, we are still getting used to the idea of having a pathway because compared to last year there is a huge difference,” said Strat Comms junior Reese Gonzales. 

“What we’re learning here is beginner level but like over there, they’re more extreme about the marketing aspect of strategic communications and know exactly what they’re talking about,” explained senior Ellie Roman.