Leave it All on the Court

Scott Felt , Staff Writer

The expectations are high for this upcoming basketball season with the brand new coaching staff to help lead the junior varsity and varsity teams to a potential victory at upcoming games and playoffs. 

Boy’s varsity coach Jeff Amaral got his coaching position before the school year started, which is why communication among the team will be hard to establish for the beginning of the season. Although, he does expect the team to improve as a whole by the end of the season. 

“What I expect from us is that we’re going to be a lot better later in the season than we are [in the] beginning,” said Amaral. 

Before the season even begins, the athletes and coaches have already set goals for themselves and the team. They are all walking onto the court with the mindset of achieving more than the previous year. Making it to playoffs is a major goal for the team and players have expressed their concerns, should they not make it to that point. 

“I would say a disappointment would be not making it to the playoffs after we made [it] for the past 3 years,” said senior Ryan Simpson. 

In the short amount of time that all athletes have been spending with their new coaches, it is clear to see that there has been a positive shift in the culture and spirit around them. The new coach already seems to be having an effect on the cohesion of the team and the same could be said about the girl’s new varsity coach as well. 

“I think that they’re going to focus a lot on teaching girls good skills, basic skills and information that they need that we didn’t get last year, because [we were] kind of just thrown into the game.  This year, it seems like they’re really focused on that and it helps build us up,” said DVS junior and MVP of the league Alana Ortiz.  

If there is one thing students can take away, it is that for both teams, not making it to playoffs would be a very big disappointment. JV and Varsity are each looking to do well this season and could use the support from the student body to give them that extra boost.  

“We’d love students’ support and we’re hoping to be a pretty exciting team and we’re going to be good. So we’re looking forward to seeing the student body [at our] games and make it a fun atmosphere for them to come out and see us,” said Amaral.