Spreading Awareness About the Dangers of Landfill and Taking Action


Jailyn Gatson and Bianca Sanchez

Da Vinci Communications introduced a new recycling program to get schools involved and encourage environmentally-friendly habits.

11th-grade Biology Teacher Tyler Mar realized the school didn’t have recycling bins after a fellow student acknowledged the problem. 

“My TA, Tomia Lambert, had approached me about making that her Gold Award project for Girl Scouts and she recognized that we don’t have recycling bins,” Mar said. “…It kind of evolved into a larger project.” 

Although the program is only in its first phase and just starting to come together, the staff has decided to take action. They’re enforcing helpful habits both in and out of the classroom.

Starting with the staff, their focus and goal are to reduce the amount of paper wasted. Teachers are mindful of printing and making copies. By doing so, this will provide more paper to others and reduce less waste. Each teacher also has recycling bins in their classroom for paper and bottles.

“We haven’t officially rolled out a plan for recycling with the students yet, we’ve been focusing on staff and focusing on paper,” Mar said. “We now have in the office a box just for paper and a box for cans and bottles.”

The next step to expand the program is to get all Da Vinci schools on board. Providing more bins for recycling bottles, cans, paper, and any other materials that can be reused. 

“Eventually, we want to get the whole school and then the building into that system,” Mar said. 

As the staff continues to do their part, students are finding ways to get involved as well. The curriculum in pathways is being used to take action and emphasize the importance of recycling. 

There are also some students that want to get involved in the program. 

 “I think that the school can really benefit from this program so that we can reduce waste and it’s a small step to something bigger,” said sophomore Leila Bradford.

Slowly, but surely, the recycling program is developing new ways to help the environment. With the support of students and faculty, this program may reach new heights.