Go Hard or Go Home

Kailey Torres and Ashley Quic

After 3 days of tryouts in 80-degree weather, students from Da Vinci Schools stayed after school to show the track coaches they are willing to take on the challenge of running competitively. 

Commitment is a big attribute that coaches look for in their runners. They look for the determination within their trainees to be better, to improve from the day before. The coaches specifically enjoy seeing the students making personal progress and being proud of themselves for becoming stronger.

 “I’ve seen students grow and also surprising themselves in accomplishing something that they thought they would never be able to accomplish,” said Christopher Jackson, the head track coach. 

Coaches have come to find that the moments where you feel like you want to give up, are the moments you’re urged to push through it. Once you accomplish what seemed impossible, the rewarding feeling is worth all the struggle. 

“I look for someone who has a willingness to improve, who goes out there every day with the focus of I’m going to go out there and get stronger…  running involves a lot of overcoming obstacles…” said Steven Covelman, the assistant coach of track and XC.

Overcoming those obstacles also come in hand with perseverance. According to google, persevering means being persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. This characteristic is important and something to always have, it also builds great character for the runner. 

“You gotta find something inside your heart or your mind to be able to fight through pain… people who have the mental strength to be able to overcome those things it doesn’t matter how fast you are at the beginning because if you have that you’re gonna get faster,” said Tyler Mar, head coach of XC.