Living in the Bahamas

Picture of Paradise Island, Bahamas (Pic Credits:Morgan Daniels)

Picture of Paradise Island, Bahamas (Pic Credits:Morgan Daniels)

Morgan Daniels , Social Media Editor

On August 28, 2019, a warm day on Providence Island, Vincent Hall wakes up and gets ready for his job as Director of Security at a Hotel on Paradise Island. He greets the townspeople as he gets out of his car and gets ready to start the day.

Vincent Hall is 59 years old. He has lived in Providence Island since he was born and he loves many things about the island and would never leave it. 

With only 248,948 people living on Providence Island, Bahamas, life there is taken one step at a time. 

When asked what the people are like in the Bahamas, Hall responded with “we like to cruise, we like to party, everyone’s always looking for a party all the time…you know we really don’t take too much seriously. We get up, go to work, do what we gotta do, we come home, if there’s something to do than we take care of that, then we look for a party.”

Picture of Paradise Island, Bahamas (Pic Credits: Morgan Daniels)

The warm and humid weather may also be a reason for their laxness.

“Ah, the weather is great,” Hall said. “Sometimes it really gets hot, but for the most part there’s always one or two clouds in the sky trying to keep it cool a little bit……but you know you get kinda used to the weather, you’re born here you work here, you get acclimated to it…..You manage it and get it done, we complain about it, Yes. But you know.” 

Hall loves where he lives, the people, the vibe, so when asked if he would ever live in the U.S., this was his response. 

“No…there are really lots of opportunities as far as going in and getting a job, opening a business but as far as bureaucracy, red tape, the…way people would treat you..if you fail. If you fail you can easily, easily become a homeless person in the United States,” Hall stated.

There are many reasons that Vincent Hall loves living in the Bahamas from the people, the culture, music, and nature, there is plenty to look forward to every day.