Influxion Of New Coaches For Sports Teams at Da Vinci Schools Brings Curiosity to Who.

Nolee Bugarin, Copy Editor

WISEBURN— With the seasons of sports rotating back into motion, returning athletes share both old and familiar faces with the reapplication for coaching positions. 

Da Vinci’s athletics facility is currently undergoing a new transformation as positions are being scouted by the board for this year’s upcoming sports. 

Athletic Director Rogelio Diaz is behind the scenes as he overwatches the hiring of possible new coaches for fall, winter and spring sports. 

“We’re in a really good place, we’ve attracted quality and experienced coaching staff. The link on [the] website checks for some of the responsibilities. Following an automatic interview, check references and past experiences and how they manage programs and once they arrive we do a good job at setting expectations.” 

Diaz discusses the importance of a work ethic when creating a safe environment for the students. “It’s always about their character… ” he states as one of his considerations while at interviews.

Student-athletes have shown mixed reactions to news of the majority of coaching positions being ‘reopened’ for new recruitments. Positions such as the girl’s softball coach being applicable sparks conversation among some of the longtime players. 

“I know me and my whole softball team really dislike the fact that like, we don’t have a coach yet. (…) — it doesn’t feel good to have this feeling that you might lose someone that we’ve grown close with being a freshman on varsity,” said junior Abby Wells, who’s played on varsity for the last two seasons for softball. 

Da Vinci’s athletics has presented to show opportunities through their stabilizing competitive interscholastic programs. From 35 current positions as coaching or volunteer coaching, 17% are female, 45% male and 38% TBA, respectfully.

Demographics from the website shows a small representation, currently, of women expressed inside the Da Vinci athletic facility. 

Pie Chart (above) shows the current gender demographics for coaching positions for Da Vinci Sports as of September 10, 2019.

With more positions being filled and the edging of more seasons to breach, more curiosity brews among student-athletes to what new faces could be coaching their team.

“It’s nerve-racking and I personally and the team doesn’t like it,” said Wells.