New Year, New Overnighter

Jocelyn Hernandez and Chelsea McKinnon

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On Tuesday, August 28th, the freshman and teachers participating in the Overnighter, traveled to a new location, Camp Pondo, for their first year in order to bond as a class and to get to know their teachers. 


The Overnighter is a trip specifically created for the freshman to have an opportunity to not only get to know their teachers on a personal level but also their peers due to many students not having that crucial bond with each other. 


Freshman, past Overnighter leaders, and staff members usually mention that the Overnighter is something to remember and is an event they’ll never forget. 


Erin D’Souza is one of the new administration additions this year becoming the new principal. Before becoming the principal, Erin was the assistant principal at Da Vinci Science. 


I loved attending my first Overnighter with DVC,” D’Souza said. “I loved the energy that the leaders brought, and their willingness to embrace like the new location for it as well and I certainly loved the energy that the ninth graders brought as well, the class of 2023 is off to a great start.” 


Erin was the one who suggested the location change due to her past experience at Science’s Overnighter as well as being aware that past students from Dana Middle School attended the same camp. 


“We know that students have already been there before and since we wanted to do something different, and we wanted to say, oh, like high school is going to be a little different, I think it’s important that we’re at a different location,” D’Souza said.


Freshman, Carlos Segura, enjoyed the Overnighter and felt as if it was a great opportunity to meet new people. 


“My favorite part is probably the party, after storytime because it kind of caught us off guard and honestly just had fun inside dancing,” Segura said. 


The Overnighter was also a new experience for teachers as well as the freshman. Ashley Hapner was one of the new teacher additions this year as the 11th -grade English teacher and while at the Overnighter, she learned that the school’s atmosphere is “really important”.


“I think there are a lot of students I didn’t really know such as the lower classmen so it was really nice getting to know them, especially the girls in my cabin,” Hapner said.


While attending the Overnighter, leaders had many duties in order to keep everything running smoothly, such as having the responsibility of serving meals, being in charge of the technical aspects, or outdoor patrolling once bedtime came around. Senior Christian Alfaro wanted to be an Overnighter leader so he could impact more lives and get to know more freshmen. 

It is sad that this is going to be my last Overnighter because now being an Overnighter leader, and seeing how fun it was, it is sad to know that we’ll never be able to do it again,” Alfaro said.

Vienna Perez
At the Overnighter, student, Overnighter Leaders, and teachers played a variety of games, such as; “Drip, Drip, Drop”, 4-Way Tug-o-War, “Jones’s Bones”, and “Sharks and Minos”, with their color war teams. “I really enjoyed tug of war as my favorite activity since every round I played ended up winning,” Mahe said.

Chelsea McKinnon
Assistant Principal, Andrew Daramola, sat on the stage embracing his Maui spirit surrounded by tired freshman and Overnighter Leaders ready to tell a Bedtime Story after a night filled with s’mores and ice cream. “I what I would say is Maui was not, you know, at first, he wasn’t really impressive with the freshman he was wondering if they really have what it took to be mastery finders, but by the end, the class of 2023 really proved that they had what it takes to be mastery finders,” Daramola said

Chelsea Mckinnon
At the Overnighter, students, leaders, and staff members had the opportunity to enjoy and experience many activities that Camp Pondo provided, such as; the game room, zip-lining, swing launch, pool, and etc. “Positives right off the bat, it’s so much bigger, a lot more stuff to do, you know, you have a pool, you got zip lines, you have swings, and you have a beach volleyball court, just so much fun,” Carlos Segura said.

Vienna Perez
Christopher Jackson, an English teacher, was one of the few teachers that were teamed with the green team who was one of the fierce competitors during the color wars. “My favorite experiences were just how they just embody that competent, competitive spirit and also, just fire that I’m so used to from playing football,” Jackson said.

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