Graphic Design Camp

Olivia and Sariah

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In the summer of 2019, Da Vinci Schools held a camp for middle schoolers. DaVinci Graphic Design is hosted in the morning from nine to twelve and is taught by Ralph Villalobos. Ralph has loved teaching and does it with experience.

We asked Ralph what projects he has done, during his life, that he was most proud of and why: “….I’m really really proud of the work I did with the WWE because I got to paint the toys for the WWE action figures, and I’ve been a big fan of wrestling my whole life, so I was really proud …personally I was really proud to work with Disney, that was really fun, doing the haunted mansion, and working on doing stuff for the theme park….also stuff for, like, Star Wars. It just depends cuz like, Wall-E was a big deal for me, it was my first big hit, I was really happy. It just depends on what I was doing, but I guess one of the proudest things: I owned an art gallery for three years and it was mine and I ran it, and it was really fun, so yeah I’m really proud of my art gallery so..a lot of things.” he said.

Graphic Design is a very easy course that is used for comic books, Marvel, cartoons, and much more. Ralph has been teaching in this industry for over ten years, and fully enjoys it.
Ralph has a masters degree in fine art and illustration, but has “a lot of education for an artist.”

He did not feel satisfied after doing said related jobs stating he “got bored,” so he decided to take up teaching, and has now been in the industry for ten years. He feels that because of teaching, he is helping people and that people “really like it.” Not to mention, it is one of the most easiest things he has ever done.

Ralph started graphic design when he was a young man after failing art in highschool, and wanting to prove something afterwards.

“I’ve been drawing since I was four but I got into it when I was eighteen, like I really decided to focus on being an artist when I was eighteen…when I got out of school because I failed art in highschool, so I was really obsessed with being better than everyone my art teacher ever taught, and destroying him as a teacher.”
DaVinci schools also held another camp for middle schoolers. DaVinci Web design is hosted in the morning by multiple counselors but we interviewed Isabel Umekubo.

“I decided to be a counselor for web design, because I’m doing it for the club that I’m in called girls who code because we already knew about computer science and also just doing it for the club and to help out but also, I liked computer science so I wanted to just help kids and i thought it would be a fun way to not be bored throughout the first half of the summer” said Isabel.

We asked if she’d rather do web design than game design as a career. She said “ I would do web design, i just feel like a lot of the game design platforms im not familiar with but since like we already did a whole year of web design and computer science i think im comfortable with it” Isabel has gone to DVC for 2 years she’s going into junior year. She has been doing web design/computer science for a while now so she has experience and knows how to teach the campers what they signed up for. She also said that she really enjoyed Communications and web design/computer science
“I ended up really liking the environment that we have here, and the teachers. I made my best friends here.”

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