Coding and Design Camp

Camp Counseler Macie Nayeli/ Vitruvian Post.

Camp Counseler Macie Nayeli/ Vitruvian Post.

Nayeli, Camp Writer

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Da Vinci Schools hosted a Coding and Web Design camp for students to teach them how to code from June 24th through 28th.

“HTML is all the code to build a website, so they are learning how to make their own website and design them with html and css” Macie says.

In the camp, there were two different rooms that students used to code in
“And the other room is unity so that’s a way to make 3D game the gaming software and there are making the making their own video games,” Maci says

“ I want them to be able to learn something on coding program to come off with new knowledge so they could do it again if they want to,” Isabel says.

“ My favorite part about this camp is interacting with the kids and them getting to know us,” says Isabel.

“If I were to change something I Would change the time to have it more organized so like more games in between the lesson so they are not in front of the screens a lot,” Isabel says

“I wish we had more bonding with the kids so we can know more about them and they can learn more about us,” Isabel says.

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