The Experience In Journalism Camp

Miranda, Camp Writer

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Da Vinci Schools hosted a journalism camp for middle schoolers to teach them about journalism from June 24th to June 28th.

“ I haven’t really gotten a lot of experience in managing my peers but I have a lot of experience of managing younger kids since this is my second year doing the summer camp,¨ Geo Espinoza, a camp counselor, said.

This year’s journalism camp students learned how to interview counselors that are helping out at other camps, including the journalism camp. When the students are done interviewing, they get to write about different articles based on the different camps.

“Being part of the Vitruvian Post was challenging at first because I did not know how to write articles and I didn ́t know much about journalism but after my first it got easier and I became a web editor,” James Skinner, a camp counselor, said.

The counselors that are running the journalism camp are part of the Vitruvian Post. The Vitruvian Post is a website run by Da Vinci Communication students.

’’ I ́ve always been interested in social justice and I’ve found myself advocating for a new group or cause. I see journalism as a way for me to expand on that and to really have a platform until I get a lot of people on issues that I’m really passionate about and I feel aren’t getting covered by the media as much,’’ Espinoza said.

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