Speech & Debate Camp Teaches Students Life Skills

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Speech & Debate Camp Teaches Students Life Skills

Austin, Camp Writer

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In the summer of 2019, the Davinci Science Counselors are hosting a camp about speech and debate at Davinci High School.

Zaine Keraj, a camper in the camp, expressed, ”Well, it’s an interesting topic that I don’t know much about personally, and I don’t think many people do, and it’s something that I would like to learn about and continue learning about.”

In the camp, campers create a speech to support a certain bill. Campers practice their speeches to improve and maintain their skills in speech and debate.
The bill involves campers to argue about whether a wolf is innocent or guilty for commiting murder and property destruction.

“So, the pigs are saying that the wolf came in and ate two pigs and blew down two houses, the wolf is saying the same thing,” stated Keraj.
The wolf says the same thing, but not to go against him because he actually had a cold and the murder was just animal instinct.

“So we’re trying to find out which part of the story was true along with the fact that the pigs might have been egging him on and trying to make him, and frame him, along with multiple timelines including the assumption about a life insurance policy because they were running low on money and the family couldn’t provide so the pig made him do it,” conveyed Keraj.

One position in the camp is a witness, who answers questions from the cross and direct attorney. Another position is a direct attorney, who asks a witness if their views are correct. The final position is a cross attorney, who forces the other side tell all parts of the story and tell nothing but the truth.
“For example, if there’s two sides of a story and their only telling one, the cross attorney will make sure that the truth is spoken,” explains Keraj.

The average speech and debate day starts off with a “cool off” activity called and icebreaker. This activity consists of a game or getting to know each other more.
Then, campers work on a project that is either their final project or the project for that certain day.

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