Journey into Computer Science within the Da Vinci Schools

Mariezl and Tullan

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Da Vinci Communications hosted a computer science summer camp for middle schoolers from June 24th through the 28th to teach Coding and Game Design.

During this week’s web design camp used HTML and CSS to complete their website.

Nolee Bugrin, one of the counselors for this camp, explained what the kids are learning,

“Today they are learning about classes and they’re learning about how to create different divisions in your website and also tables.”

The students in the web design camp are productive throughout the day.

Quinn says, “The day is mostly work time, but at the beginning of the day we set goals to complete during the day.”

In the game design camp they are using a program called Unity. Casey Hartley, a camp counselor, described Unity as “a program that allows you to create 2D and 3D projects and it also allows you to use a coding language called C sharp.”

At the end of the camp the campers will have made their own 3D video game. On the campers first day they will be learning more about Unity.

Many of the counselors were interested in being a part of the game design camp because they like video games themselves.

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