Journalism Camp at DVC

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This summer DVC hosted a Journalism summer camp for fifth through eighth graders to teach them how to write news articles.

Three DVC seniors and one DVC graduate formed up to make a Journalism Summer Camp to help teach kids how to write articles.

James Skinner, recent DVC graduate, and journalism camp counselor, provides slideshows and games to help the camp run smoothly.

“The reason why I volunteered for this camp is because this whole summer camp was my senior project. I had to design all the games and slideshows and presentations for the students to learn journalism,” Skinner said.

Skinner explained that he is a generally quiet person and he thought that it would be better for him to create a camp where he and others can teach a younger audience about journalism rather than having to write an article where he would have to interview people to get his information.

Some counselors such as Geovani Espinoza found it easier than other counselors to teach kids about journalism.

“I think for me it’s not that big of a difference because I’ve always been in a role where I am teaching or mentoring kids throughout my entire high school career but it’s my first time actually teaching kids journalism,” Espinoza said. “I would say the hardest part is relearning all the content and teaching them everything that we learned like the shortcuts and stuff.”

Espinoza, has gotten a lot of information about journalism from his teacher, Sarah and is able to reuse that information and teach a much younger audience.

“Sarah really goes into a lot of detail and taught us shortcuts and stuff to help us memorize the important stuff about journalism like LQTQ and the 8 news values. For me it is easier to remember LQTQ than lead quote transition quote and if I can not remember a news value I just go through all the ones I remember and figure out which one I’m missing.”

Espinoza’s ambition to write will help him exceed in journalism as well.

“It’s definitely a career I want to explore because I’ve always liked writing and I’m really starting to like journalism and I’m getting better at it and I want to keep improving my writing.”

With the help of all the camp counselors, the Journalism Camp is fun and the kids love to do it.

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