Counselors and Campers Work Together to Create games in the Computer Science Camp

The computer science campers work on their games for the week. Victoria/Vitruvian Post.

The computer science campers work on their games for the week. Victoria/Vitruvian Post.

Zoe, Camp Writer

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Kids entering grades K-9th enjoyed many camps this week at Da Vinci Schools. One of these camps was Computer Science, which was enjoyed by both campers and counselors interested in the topic.

When asked about what campers accomplish Brandon Rodriguez, one of the counselors, said, “Game Design, so they design their own games”.

Counselors enjoyed the theme because the got to see how the students developed their projects from almost nothing to a working game.

The counselors also explained the structure of the camp and their role in that structure.
Nolee Bugarin, another counselor at the camp, said, “The kids mostly have work time, and we [the counselors] are there to help them.”

The camp is only a week and one question was if all of those days were used to create the game.
“Days one, two, three, and four are planned for making games, and the fifth day is a gallery walk,” said Rodriguez.

Part of the first day is also learning the program and experimenting before students start to design the game.

One of the counselors explained that they volunteered to benefit the campers and the future. They also explained that it looked good on their resume as well. They enjoy passing on their skills to campers too. “Since 9th grade [coding and designing games], so I’ve gotten really good at it,” said Bugarin.

In the end, the counselors and campers work together to create functioning games by the end of the week. The counselors hope to inspire students to continue in computer science beyond the week, following in their footsteps.

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