BurgerIM Review

BurgerIM Review

Sarah Carrillo , Staff Writer

BurgerIM, a new fast food restaurant located in El Segundo, has just opened up to the public on Douglas and Maple.

This restaurant is located in the plaza where many students purchase their favorite Starbucks drink or their usual Subway sandwich. The BurgerIM restaurant is quite different than your normal burger place.

The menu has a variety of different kinds of burgers of your choice including the type of bun, meat, and toppings you would like. You can either get what is called a Duo or Trio, which is two or three burgers that are bigger than the size of a slider but smaller than the average burger. If you’re not a fan of burgers they also provide other options like chicken strips.

Similar to how you can customize your burger, you can also customize the type of drink you would like with their soda dispenser. 

Something that was nice to see when eating there for the first time was seeing the manager interact with students. I felt very welcomed while ordering.

I recommend eating at BurgerIM because you automatically feel welcomed by the friendly staff, you get to customize the type of burger you would like, and it’s convenient for students in walking distance considering it’s down the street from DVC.